Worst Retail Company Mission Statements

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Worst Retail Company Mission Statements

What are the worst retail company mission statements, visions, and values?  Do the retail companies included on retail industry “worst” lists have the worst company mission statement, leadership visions, and core values that are driving them to worst retail practices?

While it’s a subjective exercise to say which of the largest U.S. retail chains have the “best” or “worst” mission statement, leadership visions, and core values, determining which American retailers have the worst retail practices is more quantifiable.

 It seems logical that the retail chains that are consistently rated and ranked as the “worst” in comparison to their retail industry peers would also have the company guiding documents at their core that are driving their substandard performance.

What follows is a list of U.S. retail chains that have been identified as the “worst” in various aspects of their retailing business.  Click the links to discover the mission statements of these “worst” companies to analyze the badly written or badly executed mission statements that are leading them to their “worst” status.  (This list of “worst” retail company mission statements is arranged alphabetically, not in order of worst-ness.)

Mission Statements That Guide the Most Hated Retail Companies in America

It’s hard to believe that any company – particularly a customer-dependent retail company – would be on a mission to land on the Most Hated Retail Companies in America list.

 And yet, some of the largest U.S. retail chains have been identified as a most hated company. And some of them – like Sears and Walmart – have landed there more than once. What are the mission statements that have managed to create the most retail companies in America? Keep reading.

AT&T – A Most Hated Company is Not “Doing It Better”

On paper, the AT&T corporation is about connection, solutions, innovation, and “doing it better” than their competitors in the telecommunications, wireless, and entertainment industries.

 After repeat appearances on the “Most Hated Companies in America” list, however, AT&T has proven that a mission statement is only as good as the customer experience it creates.

Best Buy – Lacks a Clear Mission Statement

Best Buy’s lack of a clear mission statement that guides the decisions and priorities of its employees has resulted in Best Buy’s appearance “hated” and “worst” lists in recent years and a customer satisfaction rating that is about as low as it can go on consumeraffairs.com.

RadioShack – Worst Employer Getting Worst Retail Results

Even though RadioShack employees are an essential part of the RadioShack company mission statement, since it has a prominent position on the current “Worst Retail Employers” list, seemingly the RadioShack is expecting its employees to take care of customers better than the company takes care of its employees.

Sears/Kmart – The Mission of Consistently Worst Retailing

Shareholders, analysts, customers and anyone paying attention is not surprised to see Sears and/or Kmart rated and ranked as a “worst” retailing company in many ways.  Most recently Sears/Kmart has been given a prominent position on the Worst Retailing Companies to Work For list, the Retailers with the Worst Brand Reputation list, and the Most Hated U.S. Retail Companies list.

 What is the mission vision and values at the core of a retail chain that is regarded to be one of the worst in the U.S. retail industry?

Walmart – The Mission Statement of the Biggest, But Not the Best

Although Walmart is at the top of any retail industry list that measures revenue, the world’s largest retail company also often finds itself at the bottom of lists that rate and rank specific aspects of the retail experience.  Named as the Worst U.S. Grocery and Supermarket Chain, as well as one of the U.S. retail brands with the worst brand reputation in the world, the mission, vision, and values of Walmart, is leading the chain to be the biggest, but not the best.

Worst Retail Company Mission Statements Conclusion

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