World Spreads payouts to clients delayed to September

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World Spreads payouts to clients

As we reported earlier, WorldSpreads held its initial creditors meeting yesterday in London. And while many creditors – both former trading clients and corporate creditors – were hoping for news on a quick resolution to the monies owed, as well as information on what happened and whether or not anyone will be formally charged with wrongdoing, there were few answers to be had.

The main disappointment was that it will be at least until September, and possibly later, before clients can expect to begin to receive at least some of their money back, as reported by blog Worldspreadsheist, which is trying to organize clients to take action to get the refunds sooner. After those payouts are made, the FSA’s Financial Services Compensation Scheme (or “FSCS”) will pay up to £50,000 of additional losses per client. Less than 100 ex-clients are actually owed more than £50,000.

There was also no news regarding potential charges of wrongdoing which could be brought against former members of WorldSpreads management.

World Spreads payouts to clients Conclusion

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