White label vs. Your own forex broker

White label vs. Your own forex broker explained by professional Forex trading experts the “ForexSQ” FX trading team

What does the White Label form of business promise?

     • Having a successful business in a short period of time,
     • Lowering your cost,
     • Having your own brand,
     • Having a rapidly growing client base,
     • Help with software installation and configuration,
     • Integration of a CRM and personal cabinet, solutions.
     • Integration of payment systems.

What are White Label providers hiding from you?

    • Commissions grow with the growth of trading volume.
White Label providers charge a commission from their partners. The commission is set as a percentage of your profit. As your profits grow, so too will the commission to your partner.
    • No free CRM
Most brokers, offering a White Label partnership do not provide a CRM for free. Instead, they usually charge a monthly fee. Of course, this means the fee will have a much larger impact on your business in the beginning. Furthermore, even if your business is in a standstill, you will have to continue paying these fees.
    • Standard personal cabinet
Most White Label suppliers will provide you with a standard personal cabinet design. This will limit your ability to stand out as a broker. On top of that, the standard personal cabinet can not be customized, in case you want to add or remove some features.
    • Payment systems with the worst conditions
The payment system, associated with your clients, will work with a commission of 5.5%. This will be charged whenever a client deposits funds in his trading account and you will have to cover the costs, if you wish to retain your clients.

What are your risks?

    • Bankruptcy of the provider
You can use the software provided by your partner, as long as they benefit from doing business with you. At any point in time, the provider can declare itself bankrupt (for one reason or another) and your business will have to close with them.
    • Outdated software
If for some reason, the provider ceases to be interested in improving its product, you will be the first to be affected. Your product will eventually become outdated, with worse functionality than the ones offered by the competition.
    • “Fake” transactions
Since the provider fully controls your platform, they can create “fake” transactions for their benefit. In addition to everything else, having access to your customer base, the provider can try to make your customers their own.
    • Unhappy Customer
If a technical problem occurs with your trading platform, you will be dependent on the provider, as only they can fix it. If the process is not resolved in a timely (and reasonable) manner you will end up with dissatisfied customers.
UTIP offers a lucrative alternative. You will be much more profitable if you purchase a platform license and become an independent broker. After doing so, you could even become a White Label provider, to earn extra income.
The UTIP trading platform is an excellent opportunity for starting your business.

Here are the advantages of the UTIP product:

    • Multifunctional personal cabinet free of charge,
    • Integration of an unlimited number of payment systems,
    • Stable sources of quotes (price feeds),
    • Choice of liquidity providers,
    • Terminals for all types of devices: Desktop, Web, Mobile,
    • CRM, especially designed for brokers,
    • There are no commissions based on lots and turns,
    • The only payment for technical support (less than 3 times the payment for the White Label)

White label vs. Your own forex brokerConclusion

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