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What is a Phablet?

As phones have evolved, and tablets have been created for better portability of computing devices, a hybrid has emerged that offers heightened portability as well as all of the features and functions of a Smartphone.

What is a Phablet?

A hybrid smartphone and tablet is known as a Phablet.  The word Phablet is a shortened combination of the words phone and tablet. A Phablet offers many advantages that make it ideal for business use.

 Here is a review of the some of the best Phablets available on the market today.

How are phablets Used?

While most Smartphones are still trying to perfect their screen size and resolution, the Phablet offers a screen size of 5 to 7 inches diagonally, making it ideal for screen intensive work that is typical of a busy professional in need of staying connected to the business wherever they may be. With a Phablet, Microsoft applications like PowerPoint and Excel can be read and manipulated, whereas, on a typical smaller-screen Smartphone, their content may be displayed on a much smaller screen, hence rendering their manipulation useless.  Even reading this important data could be difficult.

Samsung revolutionized the Smartphone industry when they created their Note series phones. Their use of the stylus in a large screened phone created many new possibilities for business professionals. The Note series continues to evolve, providing more and more features and functions.

  It is based on the Android operating system.

Windows Phablet

The Nokia Lumia 1520 is one of my favorites because it is a Microsoft product that runs Windows 8.1 and every Phablet comes with Microsoft Office preloaded.  The 6 inch HD display makes it ideal for working in the Microsoft Office set of applications.

Of course, it has an amazing 20 Mega Pixel (MP) and a battery that lasts a long time.  Although made of plastic, this Phablet is stylish and durable and lightweight. The keyboard has been recently redesigned for faster, more accurate typing.  Cortana has been recently added to provide a virtual assistant function, similar, but better than Apple’s “Siri” capability.

Cortana and Siri have been compared in a few clever commercials that run during prime time television.  It’s clear that Phablet manufacturers are eager to defeat Apple products, suggesting that they are inferior Phablets.  Here is a comparison of the HTC Phablet versus the iPhone.  The case that is made in this comparison is that a Phablet can do so much more because of its personal assistant, Cortana.

Future of Phablets

It is quite conceivable that a Phablet could replace the desktop, the laptop, the notebook and the Smartphone and become the one and only business computing device needed. I can remember a time not so long ago when I had to lug around my laptop, my Blackberry, and my phone when I was away from the office.  Then there was the difficulty of finding a “hotspot” or paying dearly for one to connect my laptop to the Internet.

 Searching for a way to connect was always a waste of time and very frustrating.  Now, when I am away from my office, I have only my Phablet to bring with me. And I’m always connected. And when I’m in a city that is unfamiliar to me, I have my personal assistant, Cortana to help me find my way.  Hence, I’ve shed many pounds of devices, and I’ve gained portability and accessibility.


A Phablet may not be for everyone, but it is worth getting to know the powerful computing and business worthiness of this device.

The point is: you can save money and time by reducing the number of computing devices necessary to be a productive business professional, and it is worth the time to examine a Phablet to see if it can be your one and only productivity business tool.

What is a Phablet Conclusion

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