The Values and Mission of Grocery Retailers, From Krogers to Whole Foods

The Values and Mission of Grocery Retailers, From Krogers to Whole Foods explained by professional Forex trading experts the “ForexSQ” FX trading team. 

The Values and Mission of Grocery Retailers, From Krogers to Whole Foods

All of the largest retail grocery stores and supermarket chains in the U.S. have a mission statement. The document is more than a just a piece of paper. A mission statement defines a businesses’ corporate values, guides their employees, and differentiates them from their competitors.

Because of the dominance of national food brands, the products and pricing offered at stores and chains that compete with each other is usually indistinguishable.

This makes the customer experience at competing retailers even more important.

The mission statement of each major retail grocery store and supermarket chain accomplishes three things: it defines the brand, the culture, and the customer experience. Each mission, vision. and values statement is as unique as the merchandise and shopping experience of each individual supermarket.

Here’s a Look at 8 top Retailers and Their Mission Statements

  • The H-E-B (H.E. Butt) Mission Statement is really a combination of the company’s slogan, official commitments, and corporate values.
  • The King Soopers Mission Statement differentiates it from its parent company (Kroger which is the world’s largest chains) and encourages its employees to focus on being team leaders in the merchandising and distribution of consumables.
  • The Kroger Mission Statement is the philosophy that has been instrumental in creating the world’s largest grocery store chain. From the time when a single store opened in 1883, Kroger’s has achieved its mission to “be a leader” with undeniably well-defined values. This is a retailer that strove for excellence and accomplished it.
  • The Publix Mission Statement is built on a trifecta commitment to provide value to customers and stockholders as well as employees. It’s clear that the retailers “commitment” is working because Publix is both a customer favorite supermarket chain and a “Best Retail Company to Work For.”
  • The Safeway Mission Statement is focused on the talents and passions of its employees and the specific ways the company’s employees can earn customer loyalty. The Save Mart values system is based on a commitment to build the kind of workplace that supports and inspires all of its employees to do their best work. 
  • The Save Mart Mission Statement is about people, passion, and the remarkable shopping experience they can create.  
  • The Trader Joe’s Mission Statement includes friendliness, fun, individual pride, and company spirit. All of this helps create the constantly upbeat Trader Joe’s customer experience that is so unique to the business. This unusual environment motivates grocery shoppers in new markets to campaign in order to bring a Trader Joe’s to their neighborhood. The Trader Joe’s leaders and employees fulfill their mission so successfully that seemingly Trader Joe’s has no competition in the cities where it does business.  
  • The Whole Foods Mission Statement is derived from its Motto. While a relatively new-comer to the retail market, Whole Foods has caught on wildfire. It’s the Core Values and Quality Standards that turn the words of the Whole Foods Motto into the kind of employee actions which create the engaging and helpful Whole Foods customer experience.

The Values and Mission of Grocery Retailers, From Krogers to Whole Foods Conclusion

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