Use Instagram Metrics To Indicate Quality To Google To Increase Traffic

If you want to increase traffic to your fashion website it is essential that Google understands the high quality of your site. The search engine major uses different types of analytical tools to determine the website usage metrics and rank the site accordingly in the Search Engine Result Pages or SERPs.
Therefore, to increase your chances to gain a higher rank in the SERP and thereby gain more traffic towards your site, you will need to follow a few specific strategies over and above SEO, SEM and social media marketing strategy. The best way to provide Google with clear indications of the quality of your website is to incorporate Instagram strategy.This will ensure that you have better and clearer metrics that will help you to be found easily on the web.
· Typically it is found through studies that users looking for a specific product click on topmost name of the first three results shown in the SERP when they type in a specific keyword or keywords in the search box of the engine.
· On the other hand, the second and third search results may be good to browse around for some time. This means, the users spend almost five initial minutes in browsing and comparing three given sites.
· As for the other names on other pages, there is a very little if not any chance of those being clicked by the users.
All these facts and figures indicate that there is a high chance of your site being lost in the web if you are not judicious in your social media marketing approach .
With Instagram now available, you can make the best use of this photo sharing app to reach out to more and more people using your followers for Instagram to make them click at the click on your photos and get direct access to your website. Google will be impressed at this fact and will reward you for your prudence with a higher rank in the SERP.

Click through is important

When a particular site does not meet the expectations of the user for whatever reason, seconds later they will leave it hitting the back button and click on the other available options. This is bad for a site as it tells Google that there is something in the site that is not good and therefore will not give it a high ranking. There are a few things that you need to understand at this point.
· All these facts and info will be used as the influencing metrics into the final results. If the search engine algorithm does not find that the first result in the SERP is helpful for such specific query, it will not take long or hesitate to drop the site to a lower rank.
· It is for this reason that the click-through rates are so important for a site to ensure to gain higher rankings and get more organic traffic.
· Another important metric is the domain ageas thatindicates the value and reputation of the site for which it has been around for so long. Therefore, if you are new in this fashion world and want to make it big you will first need to find an affordable and expired domain and then use it. Typically, along with the domain age, trust and authority is also related and all these together have one particular thing in common which is vital: your brand.
· Identity is another important aspect. When you have a solid brand identity online it will be a huge plus for your trust signal for the search engine. However, building a brand identity takes time. It is not necessary to have a brand name for something like this to pop up but creating one will surely help your brand a lot. The most significant factor about brand identity is that when you have one it will prevent you from any penalties in the future through the Google updates. Ideally, Google gives big major brands a preferential treatment.
These are not simple conspiracy but just the working policy of the Google algorithm which you have to abide by at all times. It is for this reason most fashion brands use Instagram to secure high ranks in the SERPs and enhance their organic traffic count.

Use better mage

Using better and more relevant images is the best way to enhance possibilities of increased web traffic. You will also need to make sure that you postsuch images on Instagram more frequently than your main competitors so that you can create a better impression and are followed more than them.
· Instagram has helped both the major as well as the lesser known brands to achieve great success at reaching out to more and more people, both targeted and beyond all over the world.
· It has also helped these brands to increase their level of engagement considerably. It is all due to the unique method of posting matching content which sets higher and better benchmarks for a better growth rate as a source of enhanced web traffic.
It is observed in several researches that the campaign images work very well on this photo sharing platform. It seems that these images have the power to excite the consumers showing the product releases that are coming up in a more appealing and convincing manner so that they either turn into a follower or make a quick buying decision.
These images are considered to be exclusives and the elements of key interest for the followers which incentivize them to make a purchase.
Easy and effective approach
Using Instagram for raising the number of web traffic is perhaps the easiest and most cost effective way. This will help you to interact with your users directly. This will provide you with a better opportunity to make a sell without having to go through a series of distribution networks, most of which will be beyond your control.
Al you have to do is to manipulate social media more skillfully to make a prominent presence on the social networks.

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