US Dollar Pushes Higher Still the Day Before NFPs

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US Dollar Pushes Higher

The US Dollar is extending its gains the day before the November US Nonfarm Payrolls report is released, as speculation that the tax bill will signed into legislation before the end of 2017 grows. Likewise, concerns from other currencies are aiding the greenback’s ascent on Thursday. The British Pound continues to deal with tumult stemming from Brexit headlines around the Ireland/Northern Ireland border. The Canadian Dollar has sharply reverted its gains as the Bank of Canada cautioned that, despite recent progress in economic data, “caution” is advised on rate hikes.
It’s a fairly normal Thursday on the economic calendar, with a smatter of ‘low’ and ‘medium’ importance data releases (like the weekly US claims data), but nothing that stands out in particular. Today is a bit of the ‘eye of the storm’ for the North American economic calendar this week, having just seen the BOC rate decision yesterday while waiting for the US Nonfarm Payrolls report tomorrow.

US Dollar Pushes Higher Conclusion

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