Understanding the Coupon Language Used on Coupon Forums

Understanding the Coupon Language Used on Coupon Forums explained by professional Forex trading experts the “ForexSQ” FX trading team. 

Understanding the Coupon Language Used on Coupon Forums

Have you ever been to a popular coupon forum only to click away because you could not make sense of all the coupon language used by posters? If so, rest assured that you are not alone. The good news is that mastering the odd coupon terminology is not as difficult as you may think.

The best way to learn the coupon lingo is to start using it. It’s fun and takes up a lot less space. Once you get used to using it, you will be reading and posting about coupons like a pro.

ACAfter CouponRefers to the price of an item after the coupon is deducted.
ALAAs Low AsRefers to the lowest price possible, depending on the coupon that is used.
ALL YOUMagazineAll You is a magazine known for having a lot of manufacturer coupons and money-saving articles.
ALDIAldi is the name of a discount grocery store chain.
ARAfter RebateRefers to the price of an item after the rebate amount is deducted.
ASAVAny Size, Any VarietyRefers to the qualifying items on a coupon offer.
B&MBrick & MortarIt is the physical store vs. an online store. For example, B&M coupons refer to coupons for local stores.
BIGI or BOGOBuy One, Get OneIf all you see is BOGO or BIGI, it means if you buy one item, you get one (usually the same item) for free. But it is also used to promote other “Buy One” promotions, such as BOGO1/2P – which means if you buy one you will get the second one at half price.
B2G0 or B2G1Buy Two, Get OneUsually refers to Buy Two (items) and Get One (item) Free
B1G1FAlways refers to Buy One, Get One Free
BeepRegister AlertWhen a coupon that is scanned at the register is rejected, the register will sometimes beep. It is an alert for the cashier to take additional action such as inspecting the coupon or entering it by hand.
Berry CartSmart Phone AppApp users can earn cash for free products.
BlinkieCoupon DispensersCoupon dispensers (Smart Source Coupon Machines) that are placed in grocery stores near the items on the coupon and that blink to attract shoppers.
BOLOBe on the Look OutIs used on forums as a way to tell other couponers to watch out for a coupon or other money-saving offer.
BoostHopster TermHopster is a coupon site where visitors can (boost) increase the value of a coupon by performing certain tasks, like taking a poll or small survey.
BricksType of Internet CouponBricks is a printable internet coupon that is available by downloading a small program that controls how many times the coupon is printed. Most Bricks coupons can be printed twice.
BRPBalance Reward PointsWalgreens rewards program gives points when certain items are purchased and can be used towards the amount owed on a future purchase.
BTFEBox Tops for EducationA school reward program. Small pink coupons located on product packaging are removed and turned in to schools. The schools earn money by submitting the coupons in bulk.
B&MBrick & MortarRefers to the physical building of a store, vs. an online store.
CartwheelTarget DiscountA savings program offered by Target that offers up to 50 percent off select items. There is a Cartwheel app that can be used on Smartphones or you can access it from your computer and print the list and barcode. The barcode is then scanned during checkout, and the savings is deducted from your purchase total.
CATCatalinaRefers to a coupon machine that is near the cash register and that prints out a coupon. Read More.
CBADChef BoyardeeUsually used about a coupon offer on a Chef Boyardee product.
Checkout 51Cash Back WebsiteCheckout 51 is a free cash back website where members earn cash back for purchasing select products.
Check Your BindersRefers to a coupon that is no longer available, but that couponers may have previously printed and stored with their coupons.
CLFECampbell’s Labels for EducationA school rewards program.
CNPCoupon Near ProductA coupon that is distributed at the grocery store and that is placed near the product on the coupon. Similar to a blinkie.
CO or C/0Refers to “cents off”
Coupon FairyRefers to a person that leaves coupons near the products in a retail store or who gives coupons to other people.
CPNCouponOften used on forums to describe the type of offer being discussed. (printable cpn, cpn vs. a rebate offer, etc)
CRTCash Register TapeMost often referred to when discussing CVS drugstore coupons that print on the customers’ receipts.
CSCustomer ServiceOften used on forums in discussions about having to go to customer service to get a some kind of savings.
DDDead DealRefers to an expired coupon or one that is no longer available.
DNDDo Not DoubleRefers to coupons that cannot be doubled and must be redeemed for the face value only.
DoubledRefers to a coupon that was (or can be) redeemed for double the face value.
DQDigital CouponOften refers to coupons that are loaded onto a store card.
E-CouponsElectronic CouponsCoupons that can be loaded onto store cards or cellphones.
ECBExtraCare BucksPart of the CVS rewards program. ECBs are like cash coupons that print out on the receipt and can be redeemed and used towards a future purchase.
ETSExclusionsRefers to a coupon that cannot be used towards the purchase of the trial/travel sizes of the product.
EXPExpiredUsually refers to the date that a coupon or a rebate expires.
FARRebate TermRefers to a product that is free after a rebate is received.
FBFacebookThe social media website. FB couponsmean a coupon that is on the Facebook page.
FillerRefers to items that are purchased in order to meet the requirements of a coupon offer. It can refer to the quantity or dollar amount, depending on the terms of the coupon. For example, if you have a coupon for $10 off when you spend $50 and you only have $48 worth, you need a $2 item (filler) to qualify for the offer.
GCGift CardOften used on forums when discussing Target deals, but is used in reference to other offers, too.
GDAGood Deal AlertUsed to alert everyone that there is an exception deal.
GMGeneral MillsOften refers to the General Mills inserts in the Sunday papers.
GrouponDaily Deal SiteWebsite offering daily deals both online and locally. (See also: Groupon Tips)
HBAHealth and Beauty AidsUsed to categorize coupon offers or products.
HopsterCoupon SiteOffers printable coupons for original amounts, or the amount can be increased (boosted) by performing tasks.
HTHangtagA hanging tag that is looped around the neck of products including wine. It often includes a coupon or rebate.
IbottaCashback AppSmartphone app that allows users to earn cash on select products that are purchased. (See also: Beginner’s Guide to Ibotta)
IDSOChat TermMeans, in desperate search of…
IEBrowserRefers to Internet Explorer
IGSocial NetworkInstaGram
In-AdAlso – IARefers to coupons that come in a store’s weekly ad.
InsertsNewspaper AdsCoupons that come in the Sunday newspaper. Can be Redplum, Smartsource, P&G, GM, restaurants, or others.
IPAlso – IPQRefers to a coupon that can be printed off the internet.
ISOIn Search OfOften used on forums when someone is looking for a coupon or some other savings.
IVCInstant Value CouponRefers to coupons found in the Walgreens monthly coupon book or weekly ads. (See also: Walgreen’s Coupon Tutorial)
JFYJust For You1) CVS “Just for You” coupons that members receive in email. 2) Safeway coupons that are loaded to cardholders’ cards.
KKellogg’sUsually referenced when describing a coupon or rebate offer from Kellogg’s.
KFRKellogg’s Family RewardsRewards program offered by Kellogg’s. Shoppers can earn points by entering product codes, then redeem the points for coupons, gift certificates, samples and more.
LCLoyalty CardShoppers sign up for cards for retailers and in return earn access to discounts, rewards points, etc.
LikeFacebook termThe Facebook feature used to show your approval or support of a post.
MANUAlso MF/MFG/MFRRefers to manufacturer coupons as opposed to store generated coupons.
MatchupsSavings tool.Lists that have stores’ weekly sales and coupons that correspond with the sales. Used to get further price reductions.
MCRMy Coke RewardsEnter points inside Coke packaging and earn rewards that can be used towards prizes and coupons.
MIRMail in RebateMoney saver that requires a form, receipt of purchase, UPC from packaging to mailed in return for a check, free product coupon, or some other money saver.
MMMoney MakerIs used when a coupon offer is stacked with a product on sale and results in the shopper making money from the purchase.
MobiSaveCash Back AppRefers to a cash back phone app that users select from available offers, submit picture of receipt showing purchase of offers, and then they get cash deposited into their PayPal account.
MRPManufacturer’s Retail PriceRefers to the manufacturer’s retail price. Caution – This price is often higher than the price ever found in the stores. It is often used to make an item look like it has received a deep discount when in reality it never sold for the amount shown.
NAZName, Address, ZipReferenced when personal information is required.
NEDNo Expiration DateOften used when discussing a coupon or rebate that has no expiration date.
NLANo Longer AvailableUsually referenced when an internet coupon is no longer available.
NSLAlso – NSRRefers to a coupon or rebate terms that has no size limitation. Great for using towards trial or travel sizes.
OOPOut of PocketRefers to the actual amount of a purchase after all discounts, coupons, or other perks are deducted.
OOSOut of StockReferenced when a product has sold out in the stores.
OPOriginal PosterUsed in forums or on social media sites to reference the person who originally started a discussion, post or forum thread.
OTCOver the CounterRefers to medicines that can be purchased without a prescription.
OYNOAlso – OYNPRefers to “your next order” and is generally referred to savings (coupon, etc) that can used on your next order.
OverageAlso – MMIs used when a coupon offer is stacked with a product on sale and results in the shopper making money from the purchase.
PAFAlso – PABRefers to Purple Advantage Flyer or Purple Advantage Buy Flyer which is Publix’s Healthy & Beauty flyer that has coupon offers.
PeeliePackage CouponsCoupons that you have to peel off of packaging on products.
PG or P&GProctor and GambleOften referenced when mentioning coupons from Proctor and Gamble.
PMPrice MatchRefers to stores that adjust prices to match competitor’s prices.
PMPrivate MessageRefers to a private message sent between two forum members.
POPProof of PurchaseUsually referenced when discussing rebate requirements. The POP is the barcode on the product packaging.
PPPurchase PriceRefers to the price that a particular product will cost.
PSAPrices Start At…Refers to the lowest priced products.
PQPublix CouponReferenced when a coupon from the Publix grocery store chain.
RRegionalUsually used when a coupon or sale is only available in specific regions of the country.
RCRain CheckA voucher that a store gives to shoppers when a advertised sale item has sold out.
RollingCoupon Expire Date1) Refers to the expiration date of a coupon that is based on when the coupon is printed. 2) Also refers to using rewards points earned in one transaction to pay for another transaction.
RPRed PlumRefers to the coupons found in the weekly Red Plum sales ads in newspapers or on the Red Plum website.
RRsRegister RewardsRefers to Walgreen’s Catalina coupons that print out on the receipt.
SASESelf Addressed Stamped EnvelopeUsually referenced when discussing coupon requests or submitting rebates.
Savings CatcherWalmart Savings ProgramA price match program offered by Walmart that can be used with an app or from desktop that scans the receipt (or enter receipt #) and all items are checked against competitor’s prices. Any difference is held in an account until shopper requests it. The amount is then issued as an e-gift card.
SCOSelf Check OutRefers to registers in stores where the customer processes the sale (rings up items, processes coupons, pays, bags items)
Shelf ClearerCoupon TermUsed when describing a shopper or couponer who buys an excessive amount of products, thus “clearing the shelf” and not leaving any products for other shoppers.
ShopKickDiscount AppAn app that offers users additional discounts at select stores.
ShopmiumCash Back AppFree app that offers users cash back on select products that are purchased.
SMPSpecially Marked PackageRefers to coupons, premiums or other money savers on packages that are specially marked.
SNAPCash Back AppFree app that offers users cash back on select products that are purchased. (Learn More)
SQStore CouponRefers to coupons offered for a specific stores opposed to manufacturer coupons.
SSSmart SourceRefers to coupons distributed in newspapers from the company Smart Source. Also coupons that can be printed from the Smart Source website.
StackCoupon StrategyRefers to maximizing the cost of a product by using a store coupon and a manufacturer’s coupon on a single product. (Read more about Stacking Coupons)
TearpadCouponsCoupons or rebates that are in stores, on a pad located near the referring product.
TMFTry Me FreeUsually refers to a rebate that offers shoppers an opportunity to try a product for free by refunding the amount of the product via a rebate check.
TQTarget CouponUsually used on coupon matchup sites when referring to a Target coupon.
UFTUp for TradeGenerally used on forums when a couponer has coupons that they want to trade from coupons that they need.
UPCUniversal Product
Refers to the barcode found on packaging that has numbers that identify various information about the product. Often referenced on forums when discussing rebate requirements or when cash back sites require a scan of the UPC.
+UP RewardRite Aid Reward ProgramStore “cash” received which is shown on the bottom of the Rite Aid receipts.
VlassisRed Plum CouponsThe company that distributes Red Plum coupons.
VVVideo ValuePrintable Rite Aid coupons that are available for shoppers to print, after watching a short product video on the Rite Aid website.
WAGSWalgreens Pharmacy StoreThe abbreviation for Walgreens Pharmacy Store.
WSLWhile Supplies LastOften referred to when discussing sales going on in stores.
WTWinetagRefers to a coupon that hangs from the neck of a wine bottle or other non-wine related products.
WYBWhen You BuyOften referred to on match up lists when a coupon or sale is valid based on specific items that you buy.
XMultiplierUsed as a multiplier or in reference to the expiration of a coupon or offer.
YMMVYour Mileage May VaryIs referenced when discussing coupon offers or deals. It means that your results may or may not be the same as what someone else has listed.

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