Turning Observations into a Trade

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Turning Observations?

In this episode of our bi-weekly webinar on the Foundations of Technical Analysis, we reviewed setups we’ve been tracking throughout November that exemplify the core concepts and methodology presented in this series. Clear opening range breaks on multiple dollar crosses mid-month cleared the way for our direction bias heading into the close. But how do we execute on these trades once the break has been identified? Let’s break it down.

Topics discussed include:

A review of November trade / December outlook
Practical use of Opening Ranges – November examples and how they panned out
Multi-timeframe Analysis
When things go “Wrong”
Identifying the break / reversal using price & time
Examining Momentum (RSI)
Q&A Session

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A review of the latest EURUSD, EURNZD & GBPUSD setups published earlier this week highlight live examples of how we utilize our technical approach to translate an idea into an actionable trade.

EUR/USD Price Analysis: Bullish Outlook Mired by Slope Resistance
GBP/USD Breakout Faces First Hurdle- Bullish Above November Open
EUR/NZD Carves Double Top Formation into Resistance

We also reviewed key technical levels and the weekly outlook for the DXY, AUDUSD & USDCAD that further exemplify some of the principles we’ve been covering in this series. Join us for the next Foundations of Technical Analysis Q&A webinar where we’ll take the entire session to answer your questions on trading.

Turning Observations Conclusion

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