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Travis Dahm Review

Description: Travis Dahm is a co-founder and managing partner of CurrentDesk, a technology company in the Forex industry. Prior to CurrentDesk, in 2005, Travis co-founded Wiseman Capital Management, an asset management firm focused on building specialized systematic trading software. Later he co-founded an offshore broker that provided institutional offerings, giving clients the freedom to trade offshore while having the safety of funds in an onshore environment. His background both as an asset manager and founder of a brokerage firm has equipped him with extensive experience and the ability to understand multiple aspects of the Forex industry. As a managing partner of CurrentDesk, he is fully involved in building its software, however his focus is on creating innovative user interfaces. His experience has helped mold CurrentDesk to become a cutting edge software provider that offers their clients platform independent and unrestrictive software solutions.

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Travis Dahm Review

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