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Tradeworks Review

Founded in 2013
Headquarters in Denmark
Company description: Tradeworks ApS is a FinTech developer of cloud-based trade automation software designed for individual traders of FX and CFDs.

The company was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2013. To support it global expansion, Tradeworks now has offices in Singapore and Cyprus as well. Tradeworks is a privately held company founded by entrepreneurs coming from prominent companies such as UBS, JP Morgan, Commerzbank and Saxo Bank.

Tradeworks’ mission is to design, build and operate intuitive and simple-to-use trading technology that empowers individual financial traders to optimize their trading results.

Driven by core values of honesty, reliability, integrity and innovation, Tradeworks aims to narrow the current technological gap between individual traders and global financial institutions and thereby help private individuals trade more consistently and profitably.

Through partnerships with online Forex Brokers, Tradeworks grows their business by helping increase first funding, support large and more consistent trading flows and by helping traders avoid massive losses also increase overall client lifetime value.


We offer: Rule-based trading via Tradeworks helps clients avoid massive drawdowns due to spontaneous and foolhardy trading decisions. This is key to helping clients trade more and longer thus helping to increase the client life-time value. Furthermore, brokers are able to differentiate themselves in an overcrowded market. By offering the Tradeworks trading platform to users, brokers stand out and thereby attract additional leads. Tradeworks is also extremely valuable in terms of reactivating clients. Often re-activating users is more costefficient than having to attract new ones. Use Tradeworks as the bait to awaken them.

Business Contact: Mikael Breinholst, CEO
Other offices: 2

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Employees: 15

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Tradeworks Review

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