This Tradeking review conducted by expert’s traders at ForexSQ to know all about the broker beforehand open trading account with this. It is a discount online stock broker that provides low 4.95 dollars stock trades with no minimum balance requirements. This review will look at how this broker can keep fees so low.

Thanks to trade commissions that are half those at great brokers like TD Ameritrade or E*TRADE, it has enjoyed steady growth and a dedicated following. In 2012, it combined with another super-discount brokerage, Zecco, to develop even larger.

This review will offer a high level overview of what they provide and how they can to help you attain your investing goals.

Tradeking Platform

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One of the best significant features to any online trader is the brokerage’s trading platform, and it doesn’t disappoint. The platform itself is simple to understand and easy to use. For those who like to watch the marketplace, the platform is fast – providing running quotes so that you can perform trades at the price you need. TradeKing platform also permits you to modify your dashboard, making for a better all-around user knowledge. Investors are also capable to implement trades through the platform on their mobile device.

Mobile Trading

TradeKing has 2 smartphone apps: iPhone and Blackberry. I discussed the iPhone app, and inappropriately no longer own a Blackberry to do a suitable review. In my opinion, this is their weak area and requirements improvement. I suspicious with the Zecco merger, which has inordinate mobile apps, this will change in the close future.

If you don’t have any of these mobile devices, they do provide a simpler mobile edition of their web site. The mobile features are rather limited, but you have enough features to do simple trading.

Tradeking Forex

Just as with ETrader, it provides Forex trading thanks to their merger with Zecco. What is even well is they provide a 50,000 dollars virtual account to permit you to get your feet wet beforehand trying it out on your own.

No demo trading accounts

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Certain brokerage firms provide a demo account that allows you to try your hand at trading without expending real money. But it does not provide that feature. Though, since there are no account minimums required, and can still acquaint yourself with both the platform and all of the presented tools without having to put up a huge amount of money to gain admittance.

Minimum Balances

It has no minimum balance for their accounts. This is an important factor for someone just receiving into investing for the 1st time, who may not have lots of money to put into an account right from the get go.

TradeKing Complaints

  • Whereas the inactivity fee actually isn’t a problem since nearly everyone will make at least one stock trade per year, it is quite a TradeKing complaint for numerous depositors since most other sites don’t have a payment.
  • Whereas education is presented, you won’t find the deep research from predictors or Morningstar that you may get from other online investing sites.

Tradeking promo code

There will be a TradeKing promotion presented, which we will share with you as we at all times find out about the promotional codes out there. Occasionally, the promotions will include an existing account owner and both you and the person who invite you will profit. Extra times, you can get the benefit without the assistance of somebody else.

Promo Code Details

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  • Switch to it and get up to 150 dollars in transfer fees repaid.
  • Open your TradeKing account now
  • Free Online Community

Tradeking Fees

It provides a flat 4.95 dollars pricing structure for exchange traded funds, stocks and binary options. Their fees are actually cheap while compared to other discount dealers. E*TRADE charges 12.99 dollars to sell and buy stock. TD Ameritrade charges 10.99 dollars for stock transactions. Charles Schwab’s commission is 8.95 dollars per trade. Even Scottrade, which broadcasts itself as the inexpensive broker, costs 7.00 dollars per trade. Share builder charges just 4 dollars for buy orders, but they charge 15.95 dollars for sell orders. TradeKing charges 4.95 dollars for broker helped trades as well. Broker helped trades at other discount brokers can range from 20 dollars to 100 dollars.


It is amongst the industry front-runners for lowest commissions. For ETF and Stock trades, it charges $4.95 per trade. It recently lessened their commissions for those who purchase multiple options contracts. The present pricing structure is $4.95 base + $.65 per options contract for the 1st 8 contracts, and $8.95 base + $0.15 for more than eight trades. This can work out in depositors favour big time. For instance, a single option trade of twenty-five contracts used to charge $21.20, but now only costs 12.70 dollars, or a funds of 40 percent.

Customer Service

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They provide some of the best customer service in the industry of discount brokerage. It was voted number one in customer service in 2008 by both Kiplinger’s and Smart Money magazine. It has a live chat feature which leases you speak with a customer service representative from 8am to 6pm Monday through Friday. The email address is eagerly recognizable unlike numerous other brokers that hide their email addresses to make it as problematic as probable to contact them. Its email and phone reply times are fantastic. Emails and Phone calls are responded to in a matter of minutes.

TradeKing Login

For login to broker you can visit the broker website, After sign up you can check your email and do TradeKing login.


TradeKing is an outstanding option for investors looking for a full-service online trading platform, counting options trading, at a low-cost. The company offers an affluence of outstanding features that are sure to be esteemed by seasoned and beginner’s investors alike. Along with the low $4.95 commission fees on trades, it provides a solid trading platform, superb customer service and exceptional educational materials. While it comes to discount brokerages, TradeKing is tough to beat.

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