Tradebird launches as a social trading app

Tradebird launches as a social trading app explained by professional Forex trading experts the “ForexSQ” FX trading team.

Tradebird launches as a social trading app

Social trading is a theme which seems to rise and fall and rise again in the online trading world. A number of attempts have been made at creating pan-broker social networks in which traders can do everything from exchange information to copy each other to try and learn from ‘the crowd in the cloud’. However it seems that, to date, other than a few popular websites such as Seeking Alpha not too many of these attempts have been built into successful and thriving businesses.

TradebirdThe latest attempt which caught our eye at LeapRate is Tradebird, founded by Ivan Ashminov. Ivan was also a founder of Sofia, Bulgaria based brokerage Trading 212, although his LinkedIn profile describes him as an Explorer.

We’re pleased to present our recent conversation with Ivan on what he’s trying to do differently with Tradebird, and how he plans to make money with it.


LR: Hi Ivan, and thanks for joining us today. Please let our audience know a little more about Tradebird and the idea behind its launch.
Ivan Ashminov
Ivan Ashminov, Tradebird

Ivan: Tradebird is a social app for traders and investors. It’s for digital natives interested in markets and finance who want everything a minute ago and at their fingertips. Where you previously had tv, news sites and forums, you now have one single access point which finds and shares valuable content for you through a collaborative approach.

LR: There are a number of community-based investment sites out there, with names such as Stocktwits and Seeking Alpha coming to mind. How is Tradebird and its value proposition different?

Ivan: All sites add some value, but we are specifically designed to deliver news, opinions and analyses to a mobile audience. Others might have issues with too much noise, bulky texts or hiding valuable information behind costly and outdated subscriptions whose days are numbered in a modern, sharing world.

Tradebird launches as a social trading app Conclusion

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