Top Shares To Buy In 2017

Here i want to discuss about top shares to buy in 2017, Whether fear or hope dominate 2017, there is always money to be made. The growing presence of online platforms combined with the simple fact that astute individuals are now realizing the power of investing dictates that this year could be very lucrative for some. Still, blind trading will almost certainly lead to ruin. Those who are informed and make the appropriate choices will enjoy a great deal of success in the months ahead. Let us take a look at a handful of the hottest and most promising shares which are likely to perform exceedingly well in 2017.

Top Shares To Buy In 2017

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This first recommendation may appear to be a bit out of place when we consider the way BT performed during the 2016 fiscal year. However, the fundamentals behind British Telecom are still exceedingly strong. We should point out that an emphasis upon its online services should correlate with positive momentum in the coming year. Perhaps more importantly is the fact that BT is slated to reach a deal with Ofcom (a communications regulator within the United Kingdom). Many analysts feel that this will calm the nerves of investors and lead to more bullish returns in the months ahead (1).

Broadcom Limited

This American company is already a well-known asset within the portfolios of many domestic investors. However, British and European traders are keen to become involved due to amenable post-Brexit exchange rates as well as continued growth. Broadcom Limited (AVCO) specialises in wireless technology and it is currently listed on the NASDAQ exchange. The firm is by no means a fledgling within this sector and some feel that it will experience substantial gains in the year ahead. Currently, Broadcom is trading around approximately $180 dollars a share. Experts predict that this price could rise as high as $225 dollars in the coming year due to a sound budget and increased international exposure (2).

Silver and Gold

It only makes sense to mention these two shiny metals within this list of recommendations. As opposed to purchasing bullion, investors are keen on becoming involved in specific companies.

In terms of silver, Silver Wheaton (NYSE: SLW) is said to be a top pick. The main driving point behind this interest is diversity. Unlike many other firms, Silver Wheaton is not involved with the rigours of day-to-day mining. It does not even experience the fluctuations often encountered with knee-jerk open-market prices. This arises from the fact that Silver Wheaton is involved with providing numerous mining firms with investment capital. So, a halt in production within a single property will not dramatically affect the overall share price. With dividends of 1.4 per cent (3), this firm is worth a closer look.

Anyone who has been involved with commodities in the past is already familiar with Yamana Gold (NYSE: AUY). This company has been one of the top picks for the last few years and 2017 should be no different. Not only is Yamana a great idea for those looking for stable returns and amenable dividends, but it has recently acquired a gold mine known as Riacho dos Machados (4). Their other locations are likewise expected to perform well. When we combine these observations with the predominant sentiment that gold is expected to rise in 2017, Yamana appears to be a very sound investment opportunity.


Regardless of what passengers may think, Ryanair is a worthwhile opportunity from an investment standpoint. Many UK fund managers are predicting that its continued expansion into foreign markets will signal growth during 2017 and beyond (5). When we combine low internal costs and no less than 15 per cent of the total European market share, this option seems to be a winner. Although many traders have avoided Ryanair due to its negative publicity amongst consumers, this has little to do with financial performance.

There will always be winning and losing stocks during the 2017 financial year. Although no one possesses the proverbial “crystal ball”, websites such as CMC Markets are able to keep investors informed during every step of the way. As a result, this year could prove to be quite rewarding.

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