Top 10 best penny stocks to buy now in the UK in 2022

Penny stocks, sometimes known as penny shares, are classes of common stock having a market value of less than one pound sterling, or five dollars in the United States. Companies with a market capitalization of less than £100 million in the UK and $300 million in the US will be considered penny stocks. As tiny, low-value companies, they might offer traders a greater risk and profit.

Smaller companies that are focused on growth and haven’t yet made any money or developed a marketable product or service are seen as more risky investments than bigger companies. The FTSE AIM (Alternative Investment Market) index is where most penny stocks are traded in the United Kingdom. It should be mentioned that investing in penny stocks is riskier than in big companies that are making profits. However, based on your risk tolerance, you can decide whether or not it will be worth it for you to invest money in penny shares. In this article, we’ll provide you with penny stocks that are buying in the UK in 2022.

Amur Minerals

Cupro-nickel sulfide extraction is one of the company’s primary business activities. Its Kun-Manie project in Amur Oblast in the Russian Far East accounts for the bulk of its activity. That, though, seems to be about to shift. Irosta Trading – the company’s subsidiary that owns Kun-Manie – might be sold for up to $126 290 in the future, according to an announcement made in January 2022. AMC’s share price jumped 86% after the news was announced, trading at 3.87p. This is consistent with the company’s overall growth trajectory.

So far in 2022, shares of AMC have increased by approximately 87% (also known as YTD, or year-to-date) while also increasing by 96% over the previous full year of trade. Amur Minerals, with a market capitalization of slightly over $55 567, is a lesser-known mineral mining company. As of this writing, copper (and other metals and minerals) are expected to have a profitable year in 2022 as a result of recent improvements in the price of copper, which reached over $10,000 per ton in October 2021.

Wildcat Petroleum

This list includes Wildcat Petroleum, a minor oil firm with a market capitalization of under $3 788 727, which has made big gains due to the present prognosis for the global oil and gas sector. The share price of Wildcat Petroleum has increased by over 27% YTD and by over 220 percent in the previous year. In March of 2021, its share price surged 440 percent to 4.4p. When the business said it was collaborating with Crown Energy on a distinctive and creative concept to monetize hydrocarbon blocks using Blockchain Technology in April 2021, shares jumped 10 percent again. When Wildcat announced on December 30th, 2021 that it had chosen Pello Capital as its broker, the stock price rose another 24%. In the same way that gold prices will gain from the headwinds 2022 promises, petroleum businesses will also benefit. Prices for oil and gas have risen consistently over the last several months, and there are no indications of them slowing down. As a result of this, smaller oil and gas businesses will likely gain as much as their larger counterparts. If Royal Dutch Shell and other industrial giants are too expensive for some investors, they aren’t for penny stock investors like those who own Wildcat Petroleum.

Galantas Gold Corporation

AIM-listed In 2004, Galantas Gold Inc. was renamed European Gold Resources Inc., a Canadian mining company. It mines for gold, silver, and lead ore. Its most important asset is the gold mine in Omagh, Ireland, where it is headquartered. The last several months have been fruitful for Galantas. An increase of about 5 percent to 22p in shares of the miner in December after it revealed excellent drilling findings from its continuing Omagh Project was recorded on December 14. A $1.06 million financing from Ocean Partners was also disclosed in January. The Cavanacaw gold mine in Co Tyrone, Ireland, is the company’s newest project and has just published a mining plan for it.  Inflation and to be major impediments in 2022, which historically has been favorable for gold prices. Galantas’ value might rise in the coming months since gold is viewed as a safeguard against inflation.

Eco (Atlantic) Oil & Gas

Environmental exploration business Eco (Atlantic) is dedicated to the exploration and discovery of petroleum resources across the world, with an emphasis on Guyana and Namibia. A 70 percent gain in 2022 and a 30 percent gain in the past calendar year have been recorded by Eco Atlantic’s stock price. This isn’t a surprise, given how busy the firm has been this year. In February, Eco Atlantic announced that it will acquire Azinam Group’s full African portfolio, including its various South African and Namibian businesses.

According to Eco Atlantic, this would not only expand the company’s presence in Africa but will also enhance its relationship with Africa Oil Corp. As a result of this, the miner intends to begin drilling in the Orange Basin in South Africa in 2022. Another significant development in South America occurred in January when ExxonMobil revealed it had bought further stakes in the Canje offshore Guyana field.

GCM Resources

Listed on the AIM of the London Stock Exchange, GCM Resources is a mining firm (LSE). Coal is mined in Bangladesh by Asia Energy, which changed its name in 2003. On January 31st, the firm stated that it will be holding conversations to get money for its working capital requirements, which boosted the stock price by more than 26%. At beginning of the year, GCM’s share price was trading at just under 8p, which is outstanding considering the company’s market capitalization of only $8 840 363. GCM’s luck ran out in 2021. The firm reported a loss of $2 399 527 in December, up from the loss of $1 894 363 in the previous year. GCM Resources’ 2019 memorandum of agreement with China Nonferrous Metal Industry’s Foreign Engineering and Construction Firm (NFC) and the Power Construction Corporation of China (PowerChina) has been extended, and this might be a good year for the company.

Bluerock Diamonds

The Kareevlei Diamond Mine in South Africa is owned and operated by Blue Rock Diamonds, an AIM-listed company based in London. Blue Rock Diamonds has a market capitalization of roughly $6 819 708, making it one of the smallest companies in its industry. Despite this, it’s one of the most impressive performers among 2022’s penny stocks. During the fourth quarter of fiscal year 21 (FY21), sales grew by about 70%, the company said on January 17th.

Thus, its share price surged by 47%, making it the greatest performance on AIM’s index for that day. The bulk of this came from the company’s record-breaking mining year in 2021, when it discovered two very valuable diamonds, the greatest of which weighed over 50 carats, and a smaller one, measuring 6.8 carats, which sold for $63,186 in January 2022.

t42 IoT Tracking Solutions

t42 IoT Tracking Solutions, formerly Starcom Systems, is one of the most unusual names on this list. In the beginning, it was a firm that provided security solutions, but today it focuses on tracking shipping containers using its technologies. One of the world’s leading financial services companies, it is based in Jersey, the Channel Islands, and is listed on the FTSE AIM index. The firm, founded in 2004, has enjoyed a pleasant ride thus far in 2022. After the firm announced that it had signed a five-year deal with OpenBox Ventures, which essentially meant that t42’s technology will be utilized for the first time in the US, the company’s shares rose by more than 70%, ending at 27.5p. This arrangement is expected to bring in $21 million in the first three years, according to the business.

Atlantic Lithium

This lithium mine in western Africa is fueling the expansion of the electric car sector by supplying high-quality Li. This financial year has been the busiest and most successful yet, according to the company. In the meanwhile, Atlantic Lithium’s activities may continue without worrying about running out of money since the company is still making money. Some income shift is expected as a result of current actions.

ARC Document Solutions

In addition to printing and document-related services, the firm offers visual solutions to experts in the engineering and construction industries. It provides support in more than 200 countries and regions. Both sales and gross profit fell somewhat in FY21, from $270 million to $87.7 million, respectively. According to ARC, the effect of Covid-19 on the company’s operations has been tremendous, and the company will have a strong focus on profitable expansion in the months ahead.


Ebiquity is a marketing and media consulting firm that is autonomous. London, Paris, New York, Madrid, Singapore, Shanghai, and Sydney are just a few of the high-end ad markets where it has 18 offices across the world. Using data and analytics collected from financial outlets the organization attempts to minimize wasted advertising spending and maximize the efficiency of investment with customers. This company claims to have a 360-degree perspective of the global media business due to its analysis of $55 billion in media expenditure from 75 regions and its yearly audit of $40 billion in contract value by its compliance section, FirmDecisions.

Ebiquity was first listed on the London Stock Exchange AIM in 2000 after it was established in 1997. The FTSE AIM All-Share has also been a frontrunner in recent weeks. On 31 January alone, its share price rose by over 8% to 62p. Its YTD return has been more than 18 percent, with a return of about 190 percent in the last year. Equity announced its latest results on January 31st, including revenue growth of 12 percent and a profit of at least £4.8 million planned for the year. The company’s share price rose by more than 4% to 60p on the day as a result of this. Ebiquity stands to gain from a rise in advertising spend when the globe reopens to business as normal after the outbreak like this site.

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