Spotware rolls out netted and hedged accounts in a single environment

cTrader and cAlgo might become indispensable for companies operating in different regulatory environments

The company behind award winning trading platforms cTrader and cAlgo has announced that it will be rolling out the first technological solution that incorporates netted and hedged accounts in a single environment. Brokerages which operate in different regulatory environments will no longer need to bear the costs of operating two separate risk management systems.


According to Ilya Holeu who is the head of sales at Spotware the company is about to disprove the widely adopted belief that cross-policy support is impossible in a single environment. The technological breakthrough that the company achieved comes without changing the functionality of the platforms.

The feature will be available to users of cTrader, Spotware’s algorithmic trading platform cAlgo and the upcoming mirror-trading platform cMirror.

Following you will find the text of the full press release:

Spotware becomes first e-FX technology firm to offer netted accounts and hedged accounts under a single environment.

Spotware Systems, developer of the popular FX and commodities trading platforms cTrader and cAlgo, today announced that brokers who offer its product suite to clients can now manage netted and hedged accounts within a single environment.

Ilya Holeu, Head of Sales at Spotware, says the financial technology firm has disproved the popular notion that cross-policy support within a single environment was unworkable: “Industry leaders had explicitly stated that this was too complex a proposition to be considered. But our solution has managed to be the first to deliver this hugely useful capability.

Brokers who serve clients in disparate regulatory regions can now do so without the hassle or expense of managing two or more environments.”

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