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Simon Grunfeld Review

Description: An Independent project manager and advisory consultant, I started out in the Technology Industry as a manager of an IT company providing on-site and remote assistance to business networks and workstations. From there, online integrations of email and hosting soon followed. I found myself focusing on the financial markets with emphasis on the FOREX industry, and soon after I formed Gallant FX (an Introducing Broker, then registered with the NFA). I then co-founded and headed up the product development of Gallant VPS (Institutional Hosting PaaS) and eventually became the co-founder of Gallant Capital Markets (GCMFX).

I first registered with the NFA back in 2006, when I recieved my Series 3 CTA license and began to introduce retail clients to the Forex market. I partnered up with various other vendors and providers, and began to work exclusively with Metatrader clients. The entire Metatrader market, provided much potential to consultants like myself, who eventually went the route of both Money Manager and Introducing Broker.

Throughout this journey, I’ve been privileged to work with numerous vendors and FX professionals across the globe; managing teams in 5 different time zones, different Forex offering and brokerage related services. I come from an IT background and ran an IT services company called Ketone Networks, so managing projects comes naturally for me. But the real value I bring to any organization is in the years of experience I have in setting up, deploying and servicing a Regulated Forex Brokerage and all the different trading services currently offered in the marketplace.

Current company: Gallant Partners LLC
Previous company: Gallant Capital Markets, Ltd.
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Simon Grunfeld Review

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