Review of CVS myWeekly Ad Sales Circular

Review of CVS myWeekly Ad Sales Circular explained by professional Forex trading experts the “ForexSQ” FX trading team. 

Review of CVS myWeekly Ad Sales Circular

CVS has announced a new weekly circular. Customers can now sign up for a digital circular called myWeekly Ad, which is designed to serve up a personalized version of the sales ad for each customer based on what they have purchased in the past.

According to CVS, “Shoppers who use the new myWeekly Ad no longer have to browse each page of a paper circular to find the deals that interest them. Instead, upon signing up, each user will immediately see which of their favorite items are on sale that week, including frequently bought items or hot deals in categories that might be of interest to that specific shopper.

Personalized ExtraCare savings and rewards can also be found all in one place, making it easier for customers to see their available offers before they shop.”

Getting Started With MyWeekly Ads

To get started with My Weekly Ad, navigate to the CVS My Weekly Ad web page and log in to your account.

Next, you will see a MyWeekly Ad form, asking for your name and ExtraCare card number. If you do not know your number, go to the top bar and select “My Account” where there is a section that provides your account information, including the number.

Next, you will see the “What’s Your Store?” webpage. Select the CVS location that you most often shop.

Note: If you do not include your ExtraCare card number or if you do not have one you will come to a page asking you to input your number or to sign up as a new member.

Next, you will see your personal myWeekly Ad displaying the deals on products that you most often buy.

On the top bar of that page, you can select from the different options to view ads.

  • Your Deals: Highlights up front those products on sale each week that you most frequently purchase.
  • Recommended Deals: Are suggestions on deals from the weekly circular that may interest you based on categories and products that you have purchased in the past.
  • ExtraCare Savings: Displays all personalized savings and rewards currently available. You can either print the offers or select “Send to Card” to digitally send select offers to your ExtraCare card before shopping.
  • myShopping List: This is where you can create your own digital shopping list with the deals that you want to get each week. It will tell you where the product is in your store, by aisle. The shopping list is shareable and can be printed, emailed or viewed on a mobile phone.
  • myPurchase History: myWeekly Ad keeps a secure purchase history for you to reference. You can view the items that you have purchased over the past 18 months and see if they are on sale, or add any of them to the current shopping list.
  • Deal Details: You can access information on all items that are part of an offer that week, eliminating any confusion about whether a specific product is part of the sale.
  • Convenience On-The-Go: In addition to seeing your personalized offers on, you can also access myWeekly Ad via your mobile device and tablet.
  • Sneak Peek: You will be able to see next week’s deals three days before the traditional circular is distributed on Sundays. Those enrolled can check back every week for new deals and can subscribe to email notifications to find out when new offers are available.

You can also select the specific categories, for example, “Groceries” and see just the deals in that category.

Above the bar, you will see the myWeekly Ad Disclosure that explains CVS policies and state regulated policies. Be sure to check it out to avoid problems during checkout.

If you prefer the old version of the circular you can view it through this link, for now anyway.

My Opinion of MyWeekly Ad

I give it five out of six stars and that is only because there are a few more options that I would like to see on it or that I have not discovered are there. Either way, it bumped the score down one star.

What I really like about it is that I do not have to waste time looking at categories of products that I will probably never buy. I also appreciate the option of sending the deals to my ExtraCare card and finding out where a product is inside the store.

My concerns with the ad are that CVS is not the only store that I shop in and I have a habit of buying certain products from certain stores. It would break that habit is if I saw the product cheaper at another store. I am concerned that by not browsing each page of the “paper” circular online, that I may miss a good deal.

I realize that for now, I can still view the entire ad online, but I doubt that I will spend the time to look at both MyWeekly Ad and the older version. However, at this point, I can see where this is going to be a time saver. I also like how clear the ads are and figuring out what the deals/prices are is much easier.

Review of CVS myWeekly Ad Sales Circular Conclusion

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