Put Option Definition in Binary Options Trading

A put option definition is an option agreement providing the vendor the right, but not the debt, to sell a definite amount of an original security at an identified price within a definite time. This is the conflicting of a call option in binary options trading, which provides the holder the correct to purchase shares. ForexSQ forex trading blog team will tell you what is a Put option in binary options trading.

What is a Put Option

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In business, put option is a stock market method which gives the holder of the put the right, but not the debt, to sell an asset, at a identified value (the strike), by a prearranged date (the maturity or expiry) to a specified party. The buying of a put option is understood as a negative feeling about the future price of the underlying.

Put Option Explained

Put options are utmost generally used in the stock market to defend in contrast to the decay of the price of a stock under an identified price. If the value of the stock decays below the definite value of the put options, the buyer/owner of the put has the correct, but not the obligation, to vend the asset at the definite price, whereas the vendor of the put has the obligation to buying the asset at the strike value if the owner usages the right to do accordingly (the buyer/owner is said to workout the put option). In this method the purchaser of the put will obtain at least the strike price identified, even if the asset is presently valueless.


A put come to be more valued as the price of the original stock criticises comparative to the strike price. For instance, you have the right to vend 100 shares of Taser at $10 till March 2008, if you have one Mar 08 Taser 10 put (generally the 3rd Friday of the month). And if shares of Taser decrease to $5 and you use the option, you can buying 100 shares of Taser for $5 in the marketplace and vend the shares to the choice’s writer for $10 all, which means on the put options you make $500 (100 x ($10-$5)). Reminder that the extreme amount of potential revenue in this example overlooks the premium remunerated to acquire the put option.

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