Pound Soars as Brexit Deal Prospects Brighten

Pound Soars as Brexit explained by professional Forex trading experts the “Pound Soars as Brexit” FX trading team.

Pound Soars as Brexit

The British Pound led the way higher yesterday, buoyed by reports of an imminent post-Brexit Irish border deal. The thorny issue of how the dividing line between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland will work after the UK leaves the EU sank an almost-there accord earlier this week.

The US Dollar continued to push higher amid reports that President Donald Trump will unveil an infrastructure spending plan in early January. That might amplify upward pressure on inflation from a tax cut effort now making its way through Congress, leading to a steeper Fed rate hike cycle.

Rates-sensitive currencies at both ends of the yield spectrum – the Australian and New Zealand Dollars at the top and the Yen at the bottom – were sent dutifully lower by the prospect of higher US borrowing costs. A broad improvement in sentiment compounded pressure on the perennially anti-risk Japanese unit.

Pound Soars as Brexit Conclusion

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