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Plus500 review by Forex trading experts to all investors want to open account with the Plus500 Ltd company. In this Plus500 review you will know about Plus500 webtrader, Plus500 Login, Plus500 Fees for deposit and withdrawal, Plus500 App download, Plus500 Demo account, Plus500 share prices and Plus500 tips and tricks. Read this Plus500 review to the end before invest with Plus500 trading platform.

Plus500 Review By ForexSQ


Plus500 was established in 2008 as an online international broker that is popularly used in Asia, Europe and Australia and elsewhere in the world. In the United Kingdom (UK), the company operates under the name Plus500 UK Ltd and is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority of the UK (FCA); in Europe, the company operates under the name Plus500CY Ltd and is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC); and in Australia, the company operates under the name Plus 500 AU Pty Ltd and is overseen by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

Trading Platforms

The Plus500 trading platform is not available to traders in the US, where it has not been approved by the SEC because of the platform’s high returns on risky leveraged CFD trading. Plus500 utilizes the CFD method of trading various investment assets, which can be more risky than traditional trading methods.

One of the greatest things about the Plus500 market trading platform is that it’s one of the rare online-only front end web developers, which means there is nothing to install or download, which can be very appealing to those who are not too familiar with computers or traders who don’t use a secure proxy server for internet access.


A drawback of Plus500 is that it does not support the MT4 platform, which the experts at consider to be the absolute best in the industry for automating forex and other investment asset trading.

Plus500 App

Plus500 apps can be downloaded from App Store and Google Play. It is one of the top investment mobile applications that I have annoyed. Formerly what makes it so inordinate? The main features work correctly in all situations and the software is significantly simpler to use what numerous of its contestants platforms. You will be capable to invest in the similar way as with desktop or PC. I annoyed the mobile app also from a place where there was a slight worse internet connection, and then the achieved make investments as simply as with desktop computer.

Plus500 Bonus Code

For a limited time, anyone who opens a free demo account at will receive a $25 welcome bonus, which will be added to the investor’s trading account conveniently within a few minutes after entering a three digit code sent on your mobile device. This bonus is in addition to the tiered bonuses paid on all first deposits on Plus500, ranging from $25 to $10,000, depending on the amount of funds initially deposited into an investor’s trading account.

Another great feature of the Plus500 trading platform is the unlimited use of a demo account provided to novice traders that offers no risk experimenting for as long as needed. This enables newbies to practice researching, placing and tracking trades and learning the ropes of CFDs and other financial instruments commonly traded on Pluss500.

Plus500 Webtrader

Plus 500 is easy to understand and use and includes the Plus500 webtrader tutorial package that is one of the best tutorial packages available anywhere. This platform allows for lower minimum deposits and access to more exchange capabilities in more diverse trading markets and is fully loaded with all the real time price feeds and tools necessary for technical analysis of trades, industries and trading platforms.

Plus 500 offers over 2000 trad-able assets using CFDs in stocks, as well as all the most commonly traded commodities (corn, sugar and wheat), forex trading of all the major currency pairs, ETFs and all the major market indices, including the S&P 500, FTSE 100 and Nikkei 225, Traders can trade all the trade-able assets with Plu500 Webtrader.

Plus 500 traders can choose desktop, web-based or mobile applications for conducting trades using Plus500. Investors who usually trade on their home computers can use the traditional downloadable version of Plus500. For those who conduct investment activity from a work-related laptop or other non-personal computer, Plus500 WebTrader would be a good choice. Traders who need mobile access to their trading accounts can always access Plus500 using Smartphones, tablets and other electronic mobile devices.

Plus500 Account Types provides two types of trading accounts to its customers.  A standard trading account includes free unlimited use of a demo account for practicing trading in various markets.  When customers open a live standard trading account, the minimum initial deposit is presently 100 Euros and is paying new customers 25 Euros for every new account opened. This bonus is in addition to the welcome bonus customers receive, the amount of which varies from 30 to 7000 Euros, depending on the amount of the initial deposit.

Plus500 Demo Account

Plus500 demo account is available free of charge for all customers on all trading platforms, To open a free Plus 500 demo account you need to sign up with the broker website and receive instructions to do plus500 download demo trading account.

Commission and Spreads

There are no commissions payable to brokers on trades made on  Instead of paying commissions, traders pay a slightly widened spread on investment assets and start with a minimum of 2 pips, The plus500 fees are like other brokers.

Customer Service

Pluss 500 allows traders to develop and maintain diverse investment portfolios in a wide range of trading assets. Customer services are offered online in over 20 languages, including English, French, German, Spanish and Chinese. The Customer service is available via email or live chat, but customer service is not available using the telephone.

Deposit and Withdrawal

Pluss500 broker allows traders to use credit and debit cards for depositing and withdrawing funds, as well as Moneybookers, PayPal and wire transfers. Strict regulations require proper identification of customers before withdrawals are permitted. Acceptable forms of ID are driver’s license, passport or other official document that verifies identification and/or registered addresses of customers and documents can be submitted by uploading a jpeg, tif, pdf or doc type file using the upload function provided on Pluss 500.

Plus 500 Office Address

Plus500 UK office address is: 78 Cornhill, London EC3V 3QQ

If you need more information about Plus500 address in UK, Australia and Cyprus then you can contact regulators below:

Plus500UK Ltd is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 509909).
Plus500CY Ltd is authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (Licence No. 250/14).
Plus500AU Pty Ltd AFSL #417727 issued by Australian Securities and Investments Commission

Plus 500 contact number

The Plus500 broker dose not support by phone number so there is no contact number for Plus 500 company.

Pros and Cons of

With its user friendly and intuitive trading platform, low minimum deposit requirements, low spreads and deposit bonuses,’s appealing platform is quickly becoming one of the most commonly used trading platforms among investors in Europe and Asia.

The disadvantages of are the limited choice of trading accounts and the fact that there are no localized or telephone customer support services and the MT4 trading platform is not supported.

Plus500 Login

For login to Plus 500 broker you can visit the broker website, After sign up you can check your email and do Plus500 login.

Plus500 Share Price

Plus500 broker listed at London Stock exchange, If you want to buy Plus500 shares you can see the Plus500 share price at London stock exchange.


Plus500 complaints and withdrawal problems can submit in the comments below, If you have any Plus 500 withdrawal problems, complaints or you have good experience with this brokerage then please submit your honest review and let other traders know about it but please do not spam as you will ban for ever.

Conclusion of Plus 500 Review

The Plus500 broker offers non-US investors CFDs on a large range of assets commonly traded in European and Asian investment markets, including stocks, commodities, forex, ETFs, indices and more.

Novice traders should utilize demo accounts for as long as possible in order to thoroughly research and practice trading CFDs in various virtual investment markets.

Online Plus 500 customer services are available 24/7 in over 20 languages via email or live chat, but customer service is not available using the telephone.

For the experienced investor, Pluss500 offers the opportunity to diversify portfolios to include international investments in over 2000 trade-able assets. The clear and concise website provides all the information needed for a potential investor to get started trading in a demo or active account through Plus 500.

Pluss500 does not accept US clients and is used primarily in European and Asian markets where trades are highly regulated by the FSA and CySEC.

Plus 500 offers novice traders the opportunity to practice trading CFDs virtually with a demo account to use for an unlimited period of time to familiarize traders with assets traded with CFDs and the markets in which trading is conducted.

No commissions are paid on trades and low minimum deposits combined with low spreads have quickly made Plus500 one of the most commonly used trading platforms in the world.

As with any financial investment, trading CFDs involves substantial financial risk but, because of the increased risk involved in trading CFDs due to high leveraging, only seasoned traders should include CFDs in their investment portfolios and anyone making such an investment of capital should be fully aware of all the risks involved, including the potential to lose more than your initial investment.

As always, the expert financial advisors and investors at invite you to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have about international investments, including the trading platforms that are used by brokers all over the world to facilitate investment asset trading, For Plus 500 tips and tricks you can visit Plus500 tips and tricks.


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  1. Andrew

    Plus500 is a market maker with typical trading conditions, but solid license, that will make you trading more secure, but not easier. A lot of problems with platform, big slippages, poor customer support, all these makes trading crazy. I advise to choose not only regulated brokers, but also ECN, without conflict of interests. If you don’t know what companies to choose, add me in skype, vovkfx, i will help you to solve this problem.

  2. Mohammad Shadmehr

    I have made a $3000 withdrawal on 15/12/2017 from Plus500 but have not received the fund in my account yet! The status of the transaction is “Approved Settled” though! Have already sent 5 messages regarding the issue but no single response back yet!

    1. Forexsq

      thank you for comment, if you withdrawal by bank wire then you should wait more than 5 days, anyway if you receive it or not then comment here

  3. Bijan Oskooi

    dear sir i had to leave with being £100 behind because you decided to stop the deals from 5 -4 oclock. do i have to forget about my money?

    1. Forexsq

      do they sent you email before change or stop the trading hours ?

  4. Bijan Oskooi

    No email nothing they slowed the trade like slow motion for hours and than stopped i checked still stopped after 6 hours..

    1. Forexsq

      ok thank you to share it here

  5. Bijan Oskooi

    by the way i never done this sort of job before perhaps i should try the demo first , any way thanks to them who trusted me and let me try and fail next time ill go prepared .

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