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So you want to know how to open Forex Trading account and make money online in the foreign exchange market, ForexSQ experts team provide all information you need to open Forex account, If you want to make money by currency trading then you need to open a real forex account with regulated FX brokerages but first let’s know which qualities you should follow to open a Forex trading account online.

Open Forex Account

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If you are like millions of other people around the world, you would love to find a way to make money online. Many people have realized great success in making money online by being really good at playing and winning competitive computer games, including gambling card games like Poker and Blackjack.

Other entrepreneurial types have made a lot of money by opening online stores or marketplaces that are in some way related to their own personal background and experience.  These types of people have wisely taken what they already know and applied it to a new internet based enterprise for showcasing whatever their specialty may be or the products they sell.

Still others have decided to investigate other avenues of earning money which were previously too complicated and/or intimidating to even investigate until modern technology made information about pretty much everything accessible with the click of a button to anyone anywhere using a computer connected to the internet. 

Many folks in this latter group have stumbled upon the fascinating world of international financial investments.  This arena of earning money has been available to everyone for a long time, but it’s not an area of expertise that most people can claim familiarity with unless “finance” or some related discipline was their major field of study in college.  

But the internet has made it possible for potential investors to research everything they need to know to start investing their hard earned money in the lucrative world of international investments, Open Forex trading account online to make money from foreign exchange market from home is a new way, The plethora of assets that are traded every day include stocks, bonds, binary options, commodities, precious metals like gold and silver, petroleum, agricultural and technical products, foreign currencies and more. 

Before you invest a dime in any financial market, you should be sure you have a good understanding of the market in which you want to invest.  The more you know about your specific areas of investment, the better prepared you will be to formulate, process and follow up on your own investments and protect your financial future.

Everyone has heard about trading stocks and bonds and such, but many people did not realize that an international marketplace exists for the purpose of trading nothing but foreign currencies (known as forex or fx).  Little did they know that the fx exchange is the most traded financial market in the world, averaging $5.3 trillion every day.

You may be one of the people who has recently discovered the lucrative forex marketplace and would like to test your luck or skills by trading currencies to make some extra money. 

With that in mind, the professional investors and advisors at have compiled the following information to help you open a forex trading account online.

How To Open Forex Trading Account Online

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As you probably know, potential investors in the world’s financial markets have to utilize properly licensed brokers to place trades.  Before you can open a brokerage trading account, a lot of research has to be conducted into each and every broker or brokerage firm with whom you are considering entrusting your money.

That research should include thorough information relating to fees, commissions, diversity of investment markets, leverage, margin call, assignment, stop loss and monetary transaction policies.  Once you know a particular broker’s policies, you can confidently open a forex trading account with that broker to begin investing in your financial future.

Fees and Commissions

Every broker has different policies regarding the payment of fees, commissions and other costs of opening and maintaining investment trading accounts.  Make sure you read the fine print of the account agreement to undercover any covert fees or costs and that broker commissions are clearly spelled out in the agreement.

Diversity of Markets

The more financial trading markets that a potential investor can access, the more opportunities there will be for potentially realizing profits from investments.  If the broker you choose only allows you to trade in a limited number of marketplaces (i.e. stocks, spread betting, commodities, foreign exchange, etc.), you will not be exposed to a plethora of other markets and will have fewer opportunities to formulate and place possibly lucrative trades in those other trading markets.      


Leverage in financial investments is simply borrowed funds (in terms of cash or other equity) used to initiate or continue trading in a financial marketplace for the purpose of increasing returns on investments.  Highly leveraged brokerage firms are able to control large amounts of capital while using very little of their own capital to fund operation of their businesses.  The higher the leverage, the higher the potential risk.

Margin Call 

Brokerage firms require minimum balances for trading accounts that vary from broker to broker and depending on the type of trading account that is opened. A margin call is issued by the broker when the balance of funds in the investor’s trading account goes below that minimum required balance. Failure to deposit additional funds to bring a trading account balance up to that minimum requirement will result in the broker ceasing all trades on behalf of that investor.  

The cessation of trades can be immediate or brokers can use the first in first out (FIFO) method of closing trades or the last in first out (LIFO) method. You will want to know the specifics of a broker’s margin call policy.  


A broker‘s assignment policy refers to the transfer of all or part of property rights (and obligations) from one party to another.  A simple example of assignment is a trader assigning his rights in a note to a bank or other financial institution for collecting payments on that note.

Stop Loss

Investors need to know the stop loss policy of potential brokers because these policies are intended to reduce an investor’s risk by limiting losses on security positions.  For example if you set a stop loss order for 10% below the amount you paid to purchase a security of some kind, your losses will be limited to 10% of that amount and no more.

The positive aspect of stop loss policies is that investors don’t have to closely monitor the performance of their investments but the downside is that the stop loss order could be unnecessarily automatically activated by a temporary fluctuation in an asset’s price. Make sure you understand a broker’s policy with regard to stop loss orders when you open Forex trading account.

Monetary Transactions

Brokerage firms have varying policies regarding monetary transactions.  Some brokers allow the use of credit and debit cards for depositing funds into trading accounts and others prefer electronic fund transfers (EFTs).  An investor should know the broker’s policy about deposits and withdrawals from trading accounts.  Also the amount of time it takes the broker to transfer profits from the broker’s account to the investor’s account should not take longer than three (3) business days.  Be sure you also understand your bank’s policies as they relate to investment fund transfers. 

Once you have narrowed down the possibilities of brokerage firmsyou can confidently proceed to open a trading account with the broker(s) of your choice like open forex trading account UK, Singapore, India or with brokers in other countries.  

Opening a Forex Trading Account Online For Practice

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When you have decided on a brokerage firm with which to open a demo account or real forex trading accountyou can submit your application online and upload any relevant documentation.

After receiving your application, the brokerage firm will usually send an email to you with instructions about how to complete the process of opening your trading account, including choosing a username, password, etc.

Demo Accounts

Most brokerage firms offer free “demo” accounts for potential investors to learn about and practice trading in the marketplace that interests them.  Since these demo accounts are usually free, investors can open several accounts with different brokers and experiment with and compare them to each other before finalizing their choice of broker(s).  

The number of trading credits and diversity of trading markets vary between brokers’ demo accounts.  Some brokers offer minimal trading credits with demo accounts and limit access to only a few trading markets.  You want to select the broker that offers the most trading credits in the widest array of trading markets just so that you can get the full advantage of a demo account and experimenting with investment trading.   

Demo accounts allow potential investors to investigate various trading marketplaces and develop trading strategies.  Investors can then place virtual trades that give them the opportunity to experience the pace at which information changes in the foreign exchange marketplace and the ramifications of various trading techniques and strategies.

Obviously, since demo accounts use virtual money, you will not actually reap any cash profits or suffer any monetary losses as the result of trades conducted with a demo account so open Forex trading account online with virtual money is good only for practice currency trading .

Types of Forex Trading Accounts

You will have to decide whether to open an individual account or a business account and whether you need a micro, mini, standard, VIP or gold account.

You may have already guessed that this range of accounts depends on minimum account balance deposit requirements and, of course, which services you expect to receive from your broker.  

Discount brokers only conduct trades on your behalf, while full service brokers conduct trades as well as offer financial advice as to your particular investment future.  

Micro accounts generally require minimal balances of money or other security, while VIP and Gold accounts require hefty minimum balances and are suited for wealthy investors. Minimum account balance requirements vary between brokers and depending on the type of account opened.  

Some brokerage firms offer welcome bonuses for new investors or other incentives to bring in new clients.  Be wary of any special offering that may seem too good to be true because more than like it is too good to be true and not a wise choice for any investor, especially a newbie.

Different accounts require different minimum account balances and each account offers investors different tools with which to research, conduct and track trades.  Most online brokers provide investors with mini or standard accounts.  Make sure you open a brokerage trading account that will best serve your particular financial investment needs.

Managed Forex Trading Accounts

Many potential investors would like to delve into the stock market or other trading platform, but simply do not have the knowledge required for such a complicated and potentially risky undertaking.  They may also not have time to learn about the markets or simply don’t want to learn, but still would like to place trades for the purpose of making extra money.

These are the types of people who will benefit from managed fx trading accounts. With a best managed trading account, investors can go about their normal daily routine without worrying about evaluating, placing and tracking foreign exchange investments.  They can rely on the wisdom and expertise of an experienced fx investor to formulate and place their fx trades and follow up on all trading activity.

Open Forex Trading Account UK

United Kingdom currency traders have many options to open fx trading accounts as there are a lot of top regulated brokers in UK and especially in London city, ForexSQ traders team make a list of the best online brokers in UK to open online trading account.

Open Forex Trading Account Singapore

If you are located in Singapore and looking for how to open a Forex trading account with a broker in Singapore then visit our top brokerages list in Singapore.

Open Forex Trading Account India

Indian traders can use any broker to open FX trading account and trade online so If you are located in India then you can open a Forex trading account with the brokerages in India or located in all other countries.

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