OANDA Currency Converter

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OANDA Currency Converter Calculator

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For over a decade OANDA Currency Converter has been used by people all over the world to determine exchange rates between foreign currencies.  For the convenience of busy international travelers, the “Cheat Sheet” option features printable table that includes live and historical rates. This handy tool has contributed to the overall global success of the brokerage and is also accessible using handheld mobile electronic devices.  

What Is OANDA Currency Converter

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OANDA Corporation was co-founded in New York in 1996 by Dr. Michael Stumm and Dr. Richard Olsen, a computer scientist and economist, respectively.  These gentlemen had the foresight to realize the Internet and its worldwide web combined with ongoing computer technology would eventually provide access to a plethora of data and financial trading markets to everyone around the world.  Following their beliefs, they formed a team of qualified individuals that built the brokerage into a leading international financial corporation that serves clients in over 190 countries, with satellite offices located in cities considered major financial centers around the world.  

This pioneering firm was the first to offer foreign currency exchange data over the Internet in 1996, which led to the development of the first online Internet currency trading platform in 2001.  The helpful OANDA Currency Converter can be found on the company’s website OANDA.com and iused by millions of people around the world to determine exchange rates of various currencies. 

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