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OANDA Account Types 

The OANDA broker offers two types of forex accounts for its clients which are a Standard active trading account or a Managed trading account.  

Standard Oanda Account 

Traders who open Standard trading accounts will have access to all the valuable tools and features for trading the full range of assets offered by OANDA and requires a minimum deposit of $1 and there are no minimum trade requirements.  Both notice and experienced traders will benefit from the free Demo Account included within the Standard Account that allows traders to practice researching, formulating, placing and tracking trades in a virtual world before risking real money to trade in active financial markets. 

Demo Oanda Account 

When clients open an online trading account, they are able to use an unlimited free Oanda Forex demo account that comes loaded with $100,000 of virtual money for traders to use for practicing currency trading before actually risking real money in a real world trading market.

To open a demo trading account with Oanda you just need to visit the broker’s website and sign up free then you will receive free instructions by email.

Managed Oanda Account 

Traders who are unfamiliar with markets or assets traded may want to open a Managed trading account that takes the pressure off investors for day to day account and trading activity maintenance and places it on experienced account managers who trade a variety of financial assets daily on behalf of clients of the broker.  These professionals usually have college degrees in finance, marketing or other related disciplines and offer a wealth of experience and knowledge of assets and the global markets in which they are traded.  


In 2007 OANDA Corporation introduced its proprietary FxManager which allows professional Account managers to oversee and conduct trading on behalf of multiple clients using the PAMM model of account management. The OANDA PAMM Accounts provide an automated trading interface that allows account managers to focus on successful trades rather than account administration.  

OANDA Accounts Types review

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