Why Newbie Traders Prefer Forex Trade Copier EA

The Forex trade market is complicated, and it can be confusing if you are still learning. Statistics show that 90 percent of all Forex trade investors lose 90% their investment within 90 days of entry into the Forex market. That is why it is important to have a professional to guide your trades at least the first three months of trading. During that time, you will not be sitting idle. Instead, you will be taking notes, so that you can learn as you earn. How do you do that exactly? Well, by using Forex Copier EA.

Forex Copier EA

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Forex Copier EA is a Forex trading program that gives you direct access to the trading of professional Forex traders. The platform allows you to duplicate the actions of the professional traders but at a smaller scale. That means you will be able to maintain a profitable learning curve, something that is almost impossible if you decide to do it on your own.

Benefits of a Forex Copier

  • Expert Guidance

The Forex Trade Copier system acts as an expert holding your hand through as your walk through the jungle of Forex Trade uncertainty. The expert makes a trading decision based on certain observable factors, and either makes a profit after selling. Because the system duplicates the expert’s decisions, while they are making profits, your account also make a profit. Meanwhile, you will be taking notes so that in future, you can make similar decisions.

  • Increased Success Rates

Statistics also show that 95% of all new Forex traders will in the end fail and drop out of the Forex market. If you decide to use the Forex Copier EA software, you significantly increase your chances of being in the top 5% that succeed. That alone should be enough to avoid going it alone if you are a beginner trader in the Forex market.

  • Control over your Funds

The Forex Copier EA does not hijack your account and deny you control rights. You can stop it anytime you want and call of the trader if you feel the experts is not performing as expected. The software is only your current expert advisor that continuously trades on your behalf by following what your preferred expert trader is doing.

  • Simple to Use

There is no special commands or language to learn. You just look at the screen and see your earning go up or down. Once they start going up, you can take note of all observations that happened before that trade. That will allow you to duplicate that trade move if you see the market behave that way in the future.

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  • Controlled risk

Forex Copier EA offers you a controlled risk, in that, you can stop and change the trading account whose actions are getting duplicated anytime you want. You can also halt the trading altogether if you feel the losses are way out of what you consider to be acceptable losses.


  • No Guaranteed Of Results

The Forex Copier EA does not guarantee you of any results. It is simply a trading tool that helps you avoid making common mistakes. Just remember that even experts traders cannot tell with 100% accuracy if the market will go up tomorrow. Another way to put is that yesterday’s performance is not a guarantee of today’s results.

  • Needs monitoring

Just like any business, you need to monitor how your Forex Trade Copier is performing. You need to exercise an oversight control of the bigger picture. You cannot afford to take a back seat, because things may not turn out as expected all the times, not even with expert guidance. 

If you observe all the above guidelines, you can be sure that you will not exit the market with losses within three months of getting into the Forex trading business. Just remember, exercising due diligence is key to success in any business venture. This post provided by Daily Pips Signal.

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