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NetDania Review

Founded in 1997
Headquarters in Denmark
Company description: NetDania pioneered streaming price technology, and have since delivered solutions to global Tier-1 banks, brokers, currency managers, and analysts. With a strong position within corporate FX and trading, our technologies are increasingly used by banks, brokerages and analysts as better alternatives to expensive legacy systems for trading, news and analysis.

At NetDania, we take a Scandinavian approach to our work with a keen eye for design and with punctuality and mutual trust as our key values.

We offer: NetDania Mobile for iOS & Android NetDania Mobile Charting plug-in NetDania NetStation for desktop NetDania Interbank FX Feed The NetDania Five Star Chart   NetDania offers a wide range of solutions, including financial workstations and information terminals, trading platforms, charts and applications for both desktop, mobile and website use. NetDania solutions are feature-rich and cost-efficient through their flexbility and modularity. They come with extensive branding and hosting options.  The NetDania applications include the world’s highest user rated mobile app within finance, and the world’s fastest HTML5 chart.

Business Contact: Stig Brylle
Other offices: 

  • Romania

  • Stig Brylle
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Employees: 35
Platforms: 2
Clients: N/A

NetDania Review

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