NetDania Review explained by professional Forex trading experts the “ForexSQ” FX trading team.

NetDania Review

Founded in 1998
Headquarters in Denmark
Company description: The NetDania Five Star Chart

The world’s fastest HTML5 chart for websites, apps and desktop applications

  • Best in Speed
  • Best in Cross-Platform Use
  • Best in Deployment
  • Best in Trade from Chart
  • Best in Integration


NetDania Alerts

  • Rate Alerts
  • Trend-line Alerts

The NetDania Economic Calendar

  • Real-time economic releases
  • Historical economic data
  • Use as stand-alone or integrate into platforms
We offer: The NetDania Five Star Chart versions Lite Pro Patterns Total Trader Algo Cloud

Other offices: 

  • Israel
Business Contact: Stig Brylle

  • Stig Brylle
Twitter link:
Facebook link:[…]
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Forex tools: 3
Employees: 35

NetDania Review

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