MoneyGram Forex brokers review, List of top Forex brokers accept MoneyGram

MoneyGram Forex brokers review by ForexSQ experts, List of top Forex brokers accept MoneyGram as payment method to deposit or withdrawal from your FX trading account.

What is MoneyGram

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MoneyGram is a world front-runner in remittances, and since the 1940s, it has been functioning, working and employing with 250,000 agents across the world. Instead, it has been related with using poor work immigrants, and well-known to charge incredible charges. The MoneyGram share has been on a decline since 2008, reflecting 98 percent loss, which makes us marvel about of the company’s condition.

In the world MoneyGram is the 2nd biggest money transfer company. Over a history of long decades, it has established into an advanced, appropriate option for businesses and individuals around the globe, and every year transfers billions of dollars, maximum of which is in remittances. As one of the great names in the part, it as well has its detractors, together with negative associations it has collective, being used reliably as a means of fraud and scams. MoneyGram has also met argument over perceived unprincipled activity, particularly in Africa.


In 1998, MoneyGram was started, but its backgrounds can be drawn back to 1940. Travelers Express was established in Minneapolis, in 1940, speedily come to be one of the world’s leading processors of money orders and an important player in the electronic payments business.

Formerly, in 1998, Travelers Express’ parent company, Vlad Corp, acquired international money transfer company MoneyGram Payment Systems, which was a secondary of the similar company that possessed Western Union. MoneyGram Payment Systems and Travelers Express Systems were combined to form MoneyGram.

In the last part of June 2004, Vlad Corp sold MoneyGram, which come to be an openly traded, distinct entity. MoneyGram at present has 350 000 agent locations in excess of 200 nations, and creates $1.45 billion in yearly revenues.


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MoneyGram has the highest fees in the business. In the UK and US, you might be charged as much as 10 percent of the amount transmitted, and in other nations that figure might reach 20 percent!

Moreover, it looks that MoneyGram fees hidden charges in the exchange rate, as per their rates are much nearer to the banks’ poor rates than those of former money transfer companies.


In 2015, the 3rd quarter MoneyGram’s profits was $368.8 million, with their total wages for the year to date at $1.05 billion. Their revenues beforehand income tax in the 3rd quarter hoisted at $65.6 million, and for the year to time at $177.9 million.

Reach and Size

As the 2nd biggest money transfer corporation, MoneyGram has a massive worldwide reach. They have 350 000 representative locations in 200 nations. Their reach and size provides them the capability to remain extremely general despite high charges and bad customer facility.

We have an international reach over our network of 300,000 local representatives across 197 countries and regions – giving you actual flexibility and convenience. Thus, with MoneyGram you’re not ever far away from an easy and fast money transfer. You can usage MoneyGram services at numerous famous banks, travel agents, bureaux de change, petrol stations, local retailers and wherever you see the MoneyGram symbol.

MoneyGram Forex brokers

At the current moment few Forex brokers accept MoneyGram as payment method, One f them is InstaForex broker, If any other broker accept MoneyGram as payment method we will add it to this page, For more information about MoneyGram Forex brokers visit website.

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