Microsoft / Saxo Bank trading venture – why did it end?

Microsoft / Saxo Bank trading venture explained by professional Forex trading experts the “Microsoft / Saxo Bank trading venture” FX trading team.

Microsoft / Saxo Bank trading venture

Saxo Bank, one of the largest Forex firms in the world and industry leader in providing White Labels, announced that it is disbanding one of its highest profile White Label client relationships, with Microsoft – almost exactly one year to the day that the relationship was first announced in November 2010. The “MSN Trader – Powered by Saxo Bank” platform was meant to turn Microsoft into a White Label of Saxo Bank, via the more than one million monthly visitors to Microsoft’s MSN financial portal website.

Our understanding of the breakup – from a source within the joint venture – is that cooperation between Microsoft and Saxo Bank was fine, but the match between the MSN audience and trading and investments was probably wrong. MSN’s clients generally come to their portal for infotainment and personal finance as opposed to looking for investor related information and trading.

Microsoft / Saxo Bank trading venture Conclusion

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