MetaTrader 4 Review

Forex MetaTrader 4 trading platform developed by MetaQuotes Software Forex company. The Forex MT4 Platform is a perfectly equipped trader’s working tool that allows trading on the Stocks, CFDs and FX market. The expert team of financial investors and advisors at know you have a lot of questions about trading in the foreign currency exchange marketplace. Our professionals have researched every aspect of forex trading, from opening demo broker trading accounts to formulating, placing and following up on trades and successful trading strategies in the real international marketplace of foreign currency exchanging. The ForexSQ experts team conducted this Metatrader 4 review to know more about this trading platform.

MT4 Forex Brokers In The World Include UK Europe Australia Asia

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Fxpro Forex Broker Founded in 2006, London-based FXPro is an online broker offering Forex trading along with CFD’s. The cTrader, MT5, MT4 trading platforms are available.


HYCM previously known as HY Markets broker is headquartered in London and is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom.


AvaTrade was founded in 2006 in Dublin, Ireland and is licensed and fully regulated in the EU and BVI, as well as Australia, Japan and South Africa.

The forex broker was established in 2009 in the Republic of Cyprus using the name Trading Point of Financial Instruments Ltd. The broker is regulated by CySEC as well as the UK’s Financial Services Authority (FSA).


Alpari Ltd was created in Russia in 1998 but moved its headquarters to the UK where it is registered and strictly regulated by the Financial Securities Authority (FSA), Alpari UK has merged with Alpari Global and Alpari US is registered with and overseen by a number of regulatory agencies.


FXTM is an acronym for, which is a new platform to the world of forex investing, having only arrived on the scene in 2012 as the brainchild of Andrew Dashin, The FXTM forex broker is owned and operated by its holding company FT Global Services Ltd and is based in Cyprus, Belize and Europe’s trading capital of London, UK.


Exness Group was founded by a group of like-minded professionals in the area of finance and information technology in 2008. The broker provide MT4 and MT5 platform.


Instaforex broker also provides MT4 platform, The broker is popular in Malaysia, Indonesia , Russia as a MT4 broker.

Top MT4 forex broker provides managed account service

Fxstay Forex broker team provide professional Forex managed accounts service to their clients on MT4 platform.

Fxstay team provide VIP managed Forex accounts use dedicate teams which include international traders to Managed investors account with low risk. Fxstay is one of the top 10 MT4 forex broker in the world specialized only in managed Forex accounts service.

Best MT4 Forex Broker In Australia

Pepperstone broker is founded in Australia, Melbourne and has offices in USA, Dallas and China, Shanghai. Pepperstone is one of top Australian online retail foreign exchange broker specializing in FX trading.

Forex MT4 Broker In Denmark

Saxo Bank is a Danish investment bank. It was founded as a brokerage firm in 1992. Saxo bank offers trading through its online platform SaxoTrader in Forex, stocks, CFDs, futures, funds, bonds and futures spreads. Private wealth management services are also offered.

Top MT4 Brokers in Swiss

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Swissquote Bank

Swissquote Group Holding SA is a Swiss banking group specializing in the provision of online financial and trading services.

Swissquote Bank is not only one of the top MT4 Forex brokers in the world but is one of the best MT4 brokers.

Dukascopy Bank

Dukascopy Bank SA is known for its transparency in its Swiss SWFX market place. In June 2011, the product is officially referenced on Dukascopy Bank‘s official web site. The Swiss bank provide MT4 API.

US MT4 Forex Brokers

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The broker Owned by parent company GAIN Capital . Operating since 1999, was a first mover in bringing currency markets to the retail trader.


Forex Capital Markets, better known as FXCM, is an online Foreign exchange market broker based in the United States.

FXCM promotes a “no dealing desk” business model for its currency products, taking prices from a number of major banks and allowing clients to trade the best price at any given time. Fxcm is one of the top 10 forex MT4 broker in the world.


OANDA broker is a Canadian-based Forex company providing currency conversion, online retail foreign exchange trading (fx), online foreign currency transfers, and Forex information.

Forex MT4 Platform

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As you probably know, in order to invest your money and trade in any financial marketplace, you have to employ the services of a brokerage firm. You must properly research potential brokers, after which you can apply online with whichever broker(s) you choose.  

If you are new to investment market trading, you should open a demo account with which you can research markets and practice placing trades in a virtual marketplace. This allows newbies to research, formulate, place and follow up on virtual trades before actually exposing themselves to the risks inherent in trading in real financial marketplaces internationally.

After an investor is comfortable with their knowledge and skill levels, they can open a real trading account and begin trading forex and making money online. Many brokers offer bonus incentives when you transition from a demo account to a real account. 

Some countries do not maintain regulatory agencies to oversee brokers or financial investment markets and it behooves you to avoid trading in those countries.

In the US, brokers and the financial markets in which they trade are overseen and highly regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).  In the UK, brokers and financial markets are also highly regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which has the reputation of being one of the strictest regulatory agencies in the world.

Even though it is conceivably possible to become a stockbroker without a degree, most brokers are college graduates with bachelor’s degrees in finance, marketing or other related fields.

Many brokerage firms offer summer internships for students as a means of identifying possible future brokers from a variety of college disciplines.  Students not only get the advantage of knowledge gained from these internships, but they also have a considerable advantage in obtaining post-graduate employment as a broker. 

Broker Platforms

Before the advent of computers and the internet, online brokers had to be physically present on the trading floor engaging in the open outcry system we all remember of placing bets in a variety of financial marketplaces throughout the world.

Brokerage firms today use the computer and software specifically designed for financial investment brokers that enables them to research, analyze, formulate, place and follow up on every forex trade they conduct on behalf of clients.  Oftentimes, trading platforms will include market analysis software that enables the investor to chart market fluctuations in a variety of trading markets.  

Many brokers offer free trading platforms to new investors in exchange for free or discounted exchange rates or making a specified number of trades monthly.  Investors can use the trading platform from which to manage every aspect of their forex investments.  

There are software financial investment trading programs you can download onto your personal computer, but you would be better off to gain access to a trading platform through a qualified and registered broker who can guide you through the program and answer any questions or issues you may encounter along the way.

The team of expert financial investors and advisors at offer the following review of the best forex trading platforms and best brokers in the world.  

MetaTrader 4

The MT4 trading platform was developed by MetaQuotes Software for online use specifically by forex investment brokers and investors around the world. This popular trading platform enables investors from all walks of life to employ automated trading techniques and manage their trading accounts online in every way, from researching different financial markets to actually placing and tracking real time trades in forex marketplaces.

MT4 is known for its user-friendly interface and simple to use menus and toolbar, which has made it the most popular automated online forex trading platform for investors and brokers alike.

If you’re using MT4 for the first time, the experts at offer the following explanations of its tutorial menus and options.

MT4 Tutorial 

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The best way to determine the purpose of each feature and option is to click on each one to see what it does and how to do it.  The following is merely a generalization of the MT4 tutorial menu.  You should learn the purpose of each option and ways to execute them by actually clicking on the various selections and familiarizing yourself with them one at a time.     


Clicking on the “File” option in MT4 platforms will allow an investor to open a new account or log into an existing one.

Selecting the “Open an Account” option will enable guest users to open a demo account with which to practice trading in the forex market. 

The “File” option enables investors to collect, open and save a variety of charts and historical data.  This is also where investors can quickly preview and print charts, graphs and other data related to their trading accounts.


Clicking on this option will enable you to utilize many features, including data windows, marketwatches, language selections, as well as toolbar, status bar and full screen mode options. 

Most of those options are self-explanatory except maybe the Data Window and Marketwatch options.  Data windows are simply your means of viewing various information and Marketwatch (also called signal watch) is used to display current quotes.


This option allows investors to insert data into the charts and graphs they utilize in managing their trading accounts. Options are available that include a variety of arrows and geographic shapes used to indicate the place for insertion of important data on a chart or graph.    

Technical indicators like Accelerator, Oscillator, Alligator, etc are grouped under the “Indicators” submenu.

“Text” command is used to add comments on a chart and “Text Label” command is used to add comments on the window coordinates. 


This menu of the MT4 platform includes commands for indicator lists, bar charts, foreground charts, periodicity, etc.  These features can be selected, disabled and/or deleted from the list so you can personalize the options.


This menu feature is used to set your terminal to your own preferences or requirements. Commands included under this option include new orders, history center, global variables, MetaQuotes language editor and options.

The history center is a valuable resource for data related to past trading successes and failures.  The Global variables window can be used to easily add, delete or rename global variables by left clicking the mouse to change a value or title.

Window and Help 

The “Window” option is only used for arranging icons vertically, horizontally or cascading.

The “Help” option is just like on any other website where you can learn about the software.  You can click on “Help Topics” to access a full user guide for the trading platform or click on the “About” command which tells you about the company that created the software and ways to contact them.

Forex MetaTrader 4 review

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Our professional investors agree that MT4 is the best software for automating your forex investments.  MT4 allows investors to research, analyze, place and track currency trades with an easy to understand interface that features user friendly menus and toolbar to facilitate every aspect of online forex trading. 

MT4 also offers the full functionality of its trading software in a mobile app for investors to access their trading accounts anytime and from anywhere using a variety of electronic mobile devices that are typically used to gain mobile internet access.

ForexSQ experts provide this MT4 review page for you to know more about this trading platform, If you like it then please share on social media networks or blog and let your friends know about it. The ForexSQ team has also compiled articles about how to make money online by Commodities trading, Indices trading and Equity trading.

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