Learn About Internships at Statoil

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Learn About Internships at Statoil

Oil and gas are still the world’s most important energy sources and until alternatives become more practical and affordable the industry will continue to flourish. One industry report claims that by 2020, the oil industry will have created an additional 1.3 million new positions. Positions like geologists, field engineers, accountants, and others are in short supply and high demand. First, let’s look at the different positions in the field, then possible internships at Statoil, then advice for improving your chances of getting an internship at Statoil.


According to the American Association of Petroleum geologist positions start at approximately $100,000 and can exceed $150,000 a year. And, because oil drilling is founded on geology it’s the first step. A Bachelor of Science degree is the minimum requirement to be a geologist, although a master’s degree will give your career a boost.

Field Engineer

A Field Engineer is responsible for taking readings in the field during the drilling process and evaluates the site to make sure drilling is done properly and efficiently. Field engineers can make between $63,000 and $80,000 annually. The position requires at least a bachelor degree in either engineering or science


Not all oil and gas jobs involve fieldwork. The business of drilling holes requires a lot of paperwork. The oil industry is in need of support staff, especially accountants who keep track of all the financial. Specifically, there is a very high demand for tax accountants.

Positions start at about $68,000 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and you’ll need a Bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, or business.

A Look at Statoil

A fully integrated petroleum company, Statoil ASA is a Norwegian multinational oil and gas company headquartered in Stavanger, Norway.

Statoil is ranked 36th in the world by revenue and is the world’s eleventh largest oil and gas company and the twenty-sixth largest company, regardless of industry, by profit in the world. The company has about 20,000 employees. Statoil is the largest operator on the Norwegian continental shelf, with 60% of the total production. Statoil operates oil and gas fields in Australia, Algeria, Angola, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Canada, China, Libya, Nigeria, Russia, the United States, and Venezuela and is listed on the stock exchanges, New York Stock Exchange and Oslo.

Statoil Corporate Values

According to the company’s mission statement, Statoil prides itself on being an honorable business and says, “Our values are to be courageous, open, hands-on and caring. We believe in these qualities, which are essential for building an even stronger Statoil. If you can identify with them, you could be the one to strengthen our team.”


Statoil is looking for interns in engineering, geoscience, land, HSE, finance, procurement, and legal.


Statoil offers competitive salaries, bonuses, good pension and insurance plans, and a comprehensive welfare package to all full-time employees.


There are specific skill requirements for each internship discipline but minimum requirements are:

  • Must have completed 2 years toward your degree before commencing the internship
  • Applicants must have a minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Must possess excellent communication skills and the ability to work effectively in a collaborative environment
  • Strong interpersonal skills with the ability and desire to work within multi-disciplinary teams
  • Must possess well-structured work practices
  • Must be self-driven
  • Applicants must be flexible and team players
  • Must enjoy helping and educating others

Example of a Statoil Internship of the Week

Graduate 2018 Automation: Statoil is looking for talented automation engineers motivated to work with exciting and challenging tasks within the area of automation technology. The graduate position will work in the Project, Operation, Maintenance & Modification departments. The position will be involved in all phases of the company’s business such as early phase evaluation, engineering, construction, installation, operation, and decommissioning/removal.

The Graduate Intern will also take part in engineering activities at both the offshore and onshore installations in Norway. Located exclusively in Norway.

Internship description

  • Participation in feasibility studies/conceptual development
  • Participation in execution of projects
  • Delivering operational support to producing assets
  • Participation in Statoil’s graduate program during the first 2-3 years

The company is seeking talented automation motivated engineers that want to learn the business of automation technology. This graduate position belongs to Project, Operation, Maintenance & Modification departments.

To Apply

All candidates must submit their resume online via the website. To check on ongoing summer internship listings, you can visit summer internships on the Statoil website.

Learn About Internships at Statoil Conclusion

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