Launching a Crypto Cashback App Using a StormX Clone

Since brands and retail outlets compete fiercely for customers, businesses work hard to create items that are both functional and appealing. Cash back is one of these tactics, especially in countries where credit cards are regularly used to make larger transactions.

Investments and money transfers are among the many things going toward paperless transactions. This suggests that there is no doubt that the global economy is moving toward a digital ecosystem. Cryptocurrency is the most current innovation in the area of digital payments.

Each consumer’s purchase price is reimbursed in a variety of ways under this strategy. When it comes to cryptocurrency trading, the Crypto StormX (STMX) project seeks to connect the retail sector with the world of virtual currencies.

StormX understanding

The ERC-20 is followed by the StormX Token (STMX) on Ethereum. The token’s entire 10 billion available supply has already been used. Currently, the market is worth $291 million for the STMX Token. This one is now the 183rd-ranked alternative coin. In the first quarter of 2018, this coin’s highest price was $0.24. On March 13, 2020, this currency was valued at $0.0005 per unit.

The StormX Digital Currency Project is making a web-based platform that will let users connect with different merchants and get discounts so they can offer services and make money. Users can take advantage of a range of discounts through this platform by making online purchases from participating retailers. These discounts can then be recovered cryptographically based on the network’s performance model. It offers a ready-made solution for rapidly releasing a bitcoin cashback app. It has features that help you understand some basic ideas before you try to make an app like StormX. etwork. It has features that help you understand some basic ideas before you try to make an app like StormX. etwork. Before trying to make an app like StormX, it’s important to understand some of the basic ideas.

The use of StormX clones

To use the Storm network, users only need to download and install the Chrome extension or app. Once this program is installed, users can earn cryptographic To To To use the Storm network, users only need to download and install the Chrome extension or app. usage fre Once this program is installed, users can get cryptographic rewards from sellers in the Storm market every time they buy something from them. is a platform.

Important traits of the StormX Clone

Before we learn how to make a StormX clone, let’s look at what some people think are StormX’s most important and unique features:


The most crucial component of this project is the service’s retail section. This project will help established businesses draw in new customers. According to the terms of their contracts for this project, each brand will get a share of what each customer buys. If the StormX plugin or app is turned on at the time of purchase, the user will get a purchase point. The company’s wide global network consists of more than 1,000 retail outlets. The business has agreements with several well-known parties.

Joint Investment

STMX tokens can be kept in the wallet that goes with them so that more points can be earned. Six different levels exist for the acquisition of STMX tokens. Using these incentive levels will lead to both more awards and a quicker return on your investment because the coefficient of each tier’s reward increases.


When this project first began, the Play component was the first to go live. Users in this section can earn points that can be used to make passwords by doing the tasks given to them by the contracted collectors. Many different countries have blocked this portion. This is due to a lack of sponsors and the difficulty of designing a fun and easy-to-use experience.


Single-value cash registers can be thought of as a non-centralized kind of escrow in this section. You can deposit StormX tokens (STMX) here and receive payment in use the same token by connecting your wallets. Currently, this business makes an annual profit of 10%.

Cash Card

Storm X has debuted a new service. In the United States, users of this project can register on the internet and wait in line for the company’s cash cards. With this card, customers can load STMX tokens onto their accounts and use them to make in-person purchases at participating stores. When you buy something, your cryptocurrency is quickly turned into regular money and sent to the merchant’s account. This card can also be used to withdraw fiat money from ATMs with a $500 daily withdrawal cap. Due to its compatibility with Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay, this card offers a number of advantages.

What makes up the StormX Clone Platform?

With increased usage, the percentage of people who own a smartphone has risen significantly. Even though people use them for different things, from window shopping to making real purchases, you can’t deny their importance. Our economy has also Considering that the entire world has switched to digital, our

Making a mobile app is the most effective way to attract clients and break into the cryptocurrency-based retail industry. Businesspeople like you are jumping on the crypto cashback bandwagon as a result of the rise in downloads and mobile users.

Adoption is increasing since practically everyone now owns a smartphone. Despite the fact that we use them for everything from basic shopping to putting in product orders, they have become a part of our daily lives. The economies of the entire planet have been fully mechanized, exactly like ours.

Making a mobile app is a must if you want to get users and sell things using cryptocurrency. Businesspeople like you are jumping on the crypto cashback bandwagon as a result of the rise in mobile downloads and consumers.


StormX aims to transform businesses by fusing blockchain technology with a backend or other data-backward reaction. Businesses can increase sales of more expensive goods by reducing their advertising expenditures. Regular shoppers may also receive additional rewards for their loyalty. StormX came up with a cutting-edge way to handle micropayments while combining transactions and lowering network transaction costs. This let it meet the needs and expectations of its customers.

Because it has been collaborating with the most reputable blockchain development company in the world for several years, StormX, a cryptocurrency payback platform, can be set up rapidly. Through the use of our platform, which has a wide range of features and capabilities, you can earn money and participate in the digital economy. You can begin working on this enterprise of the future right away.

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