Larson Holz Review

Larson&Holz review for those who want to open online trading account with lh-broker. All you need to know about the broker Larson & Holz. Finding out if Larson&Holz is scam broker or not.

Larson&Holz review

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Larson&Holz is an ECN/NDD broker for Forex, shares, commodities, binary options and crypto-currencies, which has been operating on the market since 2004. For over a decade the broker has been introducing new services and extending the network of its franchising and partnership offices. The company is headquartered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, though it has operating offices in Hong Kong and the countries of Western Europe, Africa and Latin America.

In our review we shall consider certain features which are necessary to take into account while choosing a Forex broker out of the fruitful range of companies the market presents nowadays. These features include the following:

  • The company site;
  • Account types;
  • Transfer details;
  • Bonuses;

Larson&Holz Trading Platform:

Larson&Holz clients are using MetaTrader4, a dealing software preferred by the majority of traders for its user-friendly interface, quickness and wide variety of analysis instruments. However, the traders who cannot install MetaTrader due to their OS peculiarities, can still use the web platform recently introduced by Larson&Holz. There is also a mobile platform that would suit best those who prefer trading non-stop, wherever they are. However, Larson&Holz does not accept US traders. The traders of the rest of the world can use the services of this broker as long as it is legal in their country.

Larson&Holz Trading Features

Traders can register accounts in EUR and USD, but the number of trading assets is much wider. Larson&Holz gives on their site the list of 23 currency pairs, which includes widely spread pairs like EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD, EURJPY and more exotic ones like USDRUB, USDDKK, USDMXN, etc. The company also enlists 33 CFDs on shares of such worldwide-known companies as Google, Apple, eBay, Intel, Microsoft, Pepsi, Ferrari, etc.

Apart from this, there are 10 commodities: Gold, Natural Gas, Wheat, Corn, Coffee, Rice and others. Also, the clients of the company can use binary options. The company has recently added Bitcoin, which we can learn from the Company news, however, the crypto-currency is not yet in the list of trading instruments on the site, it seems like the company has not yet adapted to the new instrument.

There are no upper limits for deposits, however, there are certain restrictions which will be given more consideration in one of the next sections.

There are different SWAP rules for different kinds of instruments. It is 1.0 pips for FX instruments and equals, yet it can vary from 1 pip to several pips for other instruments. The company offers No Swap conditions for Islamic accounts.

Larson Holz Account Types

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The accounts are generally divided into two major types – Classic and NDD. The main advantage of the “Classic” Forex accounts is the guaranteed execution of the pending orders as well as the maximum spread limitation regardless of market conditions.

Even at the very moment of the breaking news announcement when the real market spread may be very high, the special software does not let the spread to exceed the certain pre-determined values. The average spread for majors is 1,4 -1,8 pips and the maximum is 5,0 – 7,0 pips.

However, these advantages are balanced with the fact that generally spreads here are higher than those on NDD accounts, and the execution is slower.

Larson Holz Classic Accounts

Start – is a good service to test your strategies. With the Start account you have no requites, the smallest lot amount is 0,01, and there are competitive spreads for majors.

Standard accounts will satisfy those who prefer aggressive trading tactics – it allows traders to carry out a big amount of trading transactions per day.

Safe account, on the other hand, is the best choice for more conservative traders, the service is moulded to long-term transactions. In particular, the daily interest calculation is performed according to the VIP scene (2 to 10% of annual interest) and nothing is charged for opened orders overnight.

However, these accounts require a certain amount of funds – $1000 for Standard and $10500 for Safe.

However, not everybody is ready to risk such amounts of money to a broker company, even after examining carefully reviews and feedbacks like this one. For traders who have just “come to take a look” the company has developed two types of accounts. One of them is a typical Demo account, where virtual funds are traded. And the second type deserves more close attention.

Non Deposit account is the company’s pride and joy. This service would particularly benefit the traders who have mastered the theory and would like to switch to practice. Now beginners can try working on the real market with real funds with zero risks. All they need to do is to register a Non Deposit account. After they open it with no initial deposit, the company puts $100 on the account. A trader can work with these funds for 3 days. After a trader has doubled the amount or after the 3 days are over, the $100 are returned to the company automatically. And now comes the tricky part, because you have to meet certain conditions in order to withdraw your profits. These conditions include making 3 lots and depositing $100. After that the account works as a simple real account. However, if you have not managed to make any profit or if you don’t think that your profits are worth bothering, you can just leave it, and after some time the account will be closed. Then you can try one more time – a trader can register 3 Non Deposits with the same phone number and e-mail address.

The same types of accounts are also available in NDD.

Transfer Details

The broker offers various transfer methods, which include both cards and online payment systems. You can deposit via:

  • Bank Wire;
  • Credit Card (VISA and MasterCard);
  • Neteller, UnionPay, Boleto and other regional online payment systems;
  • PerfectMoney;

The transfer methods for withdrawal are practically the same, however, there are certain rules. For small transfers (less than $400) you can choose whatever you want, if only you have deposited funds to your account with the same method. So, say, if you have always deposited with a bank wire, but have suddenly decided to withdraw funds to your PerfectMoney account to buy this lovely Halloween costume on eBay, then you’ll be disappointed to learn that this is impossible. You have to deposit from your Online Payment System account first, and only then will you be able to withdraw money to this account.

Larson & Holz Bonuses

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Larson&Holz is elaborate in developing bonuses for its clients, in order to raise client loyalty.

First of all, the company returns the commission charged by card issuers. So when a trader deposits funds from a credit card, he or she gets all the commission back as virtual funds. These virtual funds cannot be withdrawn, but they can be traded and thus they can increase the opportunities for earning.

The second bonus is called DepoJet. The company gives 10% of the initial deposit at the opening of an account. Also, in holidays such bonus can go up to 20%. These are virtual funds too.

Among other advantages of Larson&Holz is the social network which paves the path for numerous opportunities. In Larson&Holz social network you can check other traders’ success, follow them to receive their signals and take part in traders’ competition. All the traders with more than $100 on their accounts take part in this rating automatically. Every month the traders from the top of the rating get prizes with the total prize pool of more than $100000. Traders can make it to the top of the rating every month. Still, the rating does not depend on the amount of your account – it only depends on your success, on how much you have increased your deposit.

Partnership with Larson&Holz

Larson&Holz has wide range of partnership offers. Among them are:

On-line Representative

You can start your own on-line business with us. Open an on-line representative account on our site. You will get a login and a link. Post this link on forums, sites, blogs, or advertise it. After any Internet user follows this link, he or she will get a special code, called cookie, installed on their computer. If they ever open an account with us, they will automatically become your referrals. You can trace your referrals and their progress in the partners cabinet. You will get commission for each lot your referrals make and enjoy passive income!

Off-line Representative

Larson&Holz offers its business model as a Franchise or a White Label. If you are ready to set up an office, we will help you to do that! Numerous offices in Asia and Europe have been opened under our business model, with payback in only 6 months! If you haven’t found the partnership type you need, feel free to contact us and we will find the solution. Call Cantres

Larson&Holz or makes most lucrative and profit-promising offers for call-centres! If you already run a call-centre or only think of starting one, get in touch with us. Larson&Holz. You can help us acquire clients from all over the world offering them the best solutions in the industry. An excellent CRM system designed by Larson&Holz will allow you to monitor your clients day-and-night, and the automatic system of financial reports will allow you to keep track of your employees and clients.

For all of our partners we offer collaboration with a trustworthy broker, who has been on the market since 2004; the highest partnership commissions in the sphere; modern site translated into 12 languages and 24-hour multilingual support.

If you have not encountered what suits you best, feel free to contact us – with Larson&Holz flexible offers we can find the type of partnership that would suit the both sides.

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