IG Group reports Q4 results, and FXCM reports May metrics – not bad

IG Group reports Q4 results explained by professional Forex trading experts the “IG Group reports Q4 results” FX trading team.

IG Group reports Q4 results

FXCM announced May volumes at $328 billion for retail and $80 billion for institutional, both up nicely in double-digit-percents from April. FXCM has continued to slowly build its institutional business, which typically is more steady than retail, although not quite as profitable – as we reported last month after full Q1 numbers were released, FXCM earns about 1.9 pips per round-trip trade on its retail volume, but only 0.7 pips on institutional trades. FXCM stock was up 1% in morning NYSE trading.

IG Group reports Q4 results Conclusion

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