ICO Review: DisLedger – a Good Idea, Poorly Planned

ICO Review: DisLedger – a Good Idea, Poorly Planned explained by professional Forex trading experts the “ForexSQ” FX trading team.

ICO Review: DisLedger – a Good Idea, Poorly Planned

The non-blockchain distributed ledger offering secure transaction processing is an unpolished diamond.

The ICO rush is upon us, with dozens of new initiatives popping up every day. And while some ICOs will be the next big thing, some are doomed to fail from the get go – telling who’s who is no easy task. This article is a part of a series of reviews created by the Finance Magnates Intelligence Department as a public service.

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DisLedger is a non-blockchain distributed ledger providing enterprise clients with secure transaction processing for financial companies, according to the company’s whitepaper. It also provides real time visibility of an organization’s assets across all counterparties, asset types, exchanges and OTC transactions.

  • Category – transaction processing
  • ICO Date – end time 31 October 2017, 19:00 EDT
  • Total supply – 30 million DLC
  • Maximum raise – $135 million (4.5 million tokens, $30 per token)
  • Available payments – ETH
  • Founded – January 2016, British Virgin Islands
  • Token standard – ERC20
  • Regulation – British Virgin Islands (BVI) to conduct the ICO and perform DLC operations
  • Website – https://www.disledger.com


The core of the DisLedger’s team consists of three people – Dan Conner, Aram Barnett and Rajesh Virassamy.

Dan Conner (president) – the developer of DisLedger distributed ledger technology for high volume transactions like IOT micropayments and capital markets clearing. Previously connected with Packet Dynamics, Innovative Concepts and US Army Special Forces.

Aram Barnett (technical advisor) – connected with Alluminate Capital since 2011, previously worked for Cantor Fitzgerald, Qiena Wealth Management and INSIGHT AMERICA.

Rajesh Virassamy (technical advisor) – Alluminate’s CTO, also connected with Datsura. Previously worked for OpenOsmium and Fannie Mae. Developing crypto rating services and market data for financial markets.

Technology and features

DisLedger creates a private ledger between the trade counterparties. The architecture provides the ‘golden record’ of transactions, supports low-value payments and reduces clearing time to free up collateral. According to the company’s whitepaper, DisLedger can settle hundreds of thousands of transactions per second, inside the closed, isolated network, which provides higher security standards. The transactions are directly shared with the counterparties (completely private) and third-party competitors cannot delay or block trades in the system. Main difference between standard blockchain technology and DisLedger concerns transparency and privacy – DisLedger is focused on high volume transactions, capital market payments and clearing,

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In the case of offered tokens, there are per-transaction, intellectual property licenses to utilize the DisLedger architecture. No security interest is offered or implied. Each DCL coin represents one thousand transactions – for example 0.001 CDLs provides the license for one DisLedger system transaction.


The DCL token is based on the ERC20 standard that can be purchased via the Ethereum network. The DisLedger team has implemented a new way to use it – it is not offering a coin, company shares or voting rights, but a tokenized license to use the existing DisLedger technology, which may become an alternative to blockchain, especially in the case of high volume transactions.

Although it is still a new technology, the possibility of processing transactions without the knowledge of other parties is an intriguing proposition for businesses looking for privately handled transaction processing, which eliminates any reliance on competitors. The whitepaper primarily focuses on the advantages over ‘traditional’ blockchain technology, mainly higher privacy standards.


DCL surely is not a token for speculators waiting for dynamic growth. DisLedger does not mention any price or financial projections, and the whitepaper focuses mainly on the technological side of the project. Although the token itself seems interesting, the information presented by the company introduces too few details.

  • Team – 4/5
  • Legal – 3/5
  • Whitepaper – 2.5/5
  • Partners – 3.5/5
  • Financial Model – 2/5
  • Overall – 3.0

In conclusion, the attempt to create an alternative to distributed ledger technology might be worthy industry interest. Organizations considering activity in the blockchain space can review DisLedger’s approach, despite the lack of important financial information provided by the company.

ICO Review: DisLedger – a Good Idea, Poorly Planned

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