How To Sell Products Online Successfully

Did you know that the product-based industry is a 300 billion dollar industry and is growing to 25% by 2025? (

That is fantastic news for you if you want to create a successful business online and earn an income the right and legal way.

In this blog post, we will be discussing the six steps to selling products online in the right and legal way.

The two types of products you can sell online.

First, we need to establish there are two types of products. There are digital products plus there are physical products. Let’s look at the difference between each one.

Physical products:

  • Candles Calendars
  • Books
  • Beautycare Furniture
  • Journals and pens Stationery
  • Yoga mats Hair products Jewelry

Of course, these are just a few ideas of the various products you can sell online, but it gives you some inspiration.

Let’s look at digital products now. Digital products:

  • Ebooks
  • Recipe books
  • Planners
  • Pre-set designed templates for social media Website Templates
  • Courses
  • Digital Media
  • Logos
  • Membership sites
  • Printables
  • Swipe Files
  • Coaching packages

A perk of selling physical products is that they do not require much money to create and produce.

A passive product is something that is created one time and then is sold residually. You can’t run out of ebooks because they are electronic books that will forever exist. This means you cannot run out of inventory for a digital product. With a physical product, you can run out of it.

These are some of the many examples of physical and digital products you can sell to make money online.

Step 1: What Is Your Niche?

You’ll want to start with the niche you are in. Are you a blogger and share about health? Perhaps you’d want to sell recipe books and offer a digital print of it as well.

Or maybe you’re in finance and you want to sell a course on investing in the stock market.

Whatever it is, be sure to know your niche and the type of product you think the audience within that niche would like to invest in. From there you will pick a product you want to sell. Remember, you can choose from either physical or digital products. Then there’s the option of choosing both to sell.

Step 2: Marketing Your Product

Let’s be frank here. It doesn’t matter how incredible your product is. It also doesn’t matter how much money was invested to create it in the first place. If nobody knows about your product, then nobody will buy it.

The way your product is marketed will determine the success of your sales with it. It’s important to understand what problems your product is solving. You want to share how your product and service can help others and solve their issues. Knowing this is buyer’s psychology that can help you with increasing your revenue.

Step 3: Creating Content

Next, you will want to create free content that promotes your products and brings your ideal audience value. If you are in the health industry and you are promoting a vegan ebook then perhaps you can share a free video series about why vegan food is good for the human body.

You always want your free content to lead people to your paid product so always keep that in mind when it comes to creating content.

You can share countless pieces of content such as videos, templates, ebooks, audiobooks, and masterclasses. Create the lead magnets that draw your audience in. Be sure to make your free content so valuable that they cannot resist your paid offers.

It’s also extremely important to continue to show up consistently with sharing content and adding value.

People like to buy from people that they trust. How you build trust is by showing up consistently and sharing value. Continue to do that and you will be ahead of other people in the online space.

Step 4: Picking Your Platforms

Next, you’ll want to pick the social media platforms you will be using to market your content and promote your products. It’s important to do heavy research regarding which products work best for various social media platforms.

The content you share on what platform is going to be different from the other platform. But it’s important to show up consistently and share content on those sites. It’s recommended to start with two social media platforms and remain consistent on them.

One of the worst things you can do is go too broad too fast.

This is how you can experience social media burnout and then ultimately quit. Once you have mastered around two platforms then you can add on another platform to share more content on.

Always choose platforms that you enjoy using versus ones that people tell you to use. This will make an incredible difference in your overall results and how you show up online.

Step 5: Making sure your website and products are legal

This is a step that is often overlooked, but it is critical to your success. Unless you want to get sued it’s important to have your legal ducks all lined up and in a row.

You cannot sell any products without disclaimers for those products. For example, if you sell a fitness program that teaches people to lose 10 lbs in 30 days then you need to have a disclaimer page on your website and product page.

This protects you and your business from being sued by someone who could claim they didn’t receive the results you state from the program.

Also, you’ll want to always have a Terms and Conditions page on your website and product pages. This gives buyers your website rules and tells them if they can or cannot have a refund for the products they purchase.

If someone requests a refund for your product you did not state that wasn’t possible…they must legally be refunded.

This will help you avoid any form of liability and keep your business growing significantly.

Here is a resource to make sure that your legal pages are all in order and you are not having to worry about any chances of being sued.

Step 6: Hosting Platforms

If you plan on launching an online shop to sell your products, you need to host it on one of the eCommerce platforms, such as Kajabi or Shopify. This will allow you to set up a store where you can share these products and have payment integrations. That way your audience can go ahead and start making their purchases.

What’s great about websites like these is they give you the seller the opportunity to see your sales metrics on how you can improve your sales. Be sure to pay attention to your buyer’s patterns and responses to your products.

There you have the top 6 main ways to market and sell your products online. Earning money online is a fantastic way to grow your income and scale your business.

This blogpost will give you the starter steps to moving forward and start earning a living online.

Always remember to get started and do not be afraid to put your brand message and products out there. If you can dream it and it solves a problem then someone will buy it.

As they say in sales, “If you can sell one then you can sell a million.”


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