How to calculate integral with defined limits?

The two basic concepts of calculus are derivatives and integrals. Derivation is a topic that is used to find a real-time solution to a problem. Integration is the inverse of derivatives therefore we call it antiderivative. By applying reverse methodology like for derivatives we can find antiderivatives. Just like logarithms and antilogarithms are inverse of each other similarly derivatives and antiderivatives are inverse of each other. You can also find integral solutions with the help of online tools and apps. You have to consider derivatives and antiderivatives when solving calculus problems.

We know that a definite integral is integral with defined limits; we must include the limits while resolving definite integrals; in this article, we will attempt to solve the definite integrals more easily with the help of the internet. A definite integral calculator can solve both definite and indefinite integrals.

The procedure of solving the definite integral:

In this section, we will see how to solve integrals with defined limits. First, solve the integral and then put the limit value in the integral. For further processing follow the steps:            

Take an example of a function for to the function under the curve will be from for to  We have to use an integration calculator to find the answer to this integral.

The first step is to determine the solution of an integral

the Second step is putting the upper and lower limits 3 and 2 respectively. In this step, we will insert the limits values to the solution. 

 In the third step subtract the upper part of the solution with the lower one applied integral. This step will provide the answer in numerical form as the limit is in integer form.

The process of evaluating the definite and indefinite integral is the same but in the definite integral, we only have to submit the limits. This is how a definite integral is solved, the same process is applied for solving every definite integral.

Digital apps and tools, such as integral calculators, allow us to calculate any type of integral and improve our understanding. When students can improve their knowledge of the integration question. After some time, they should be able to answer the interaction questions. Without an adequate understanding of the integration concepts, they can not solve integration problems.


Learning integration can be a tedious concept to learn. Therefore we have developed an online integral calculator with a description so that students can easily learn the concept of integration. Integral tools help speed up the learning process of integration. Students can understand the concept of calculus more easily. Engineering students can also solve their problems using this tool for integration solving. Engineering students have to study technical subjects which may involve lots of integration. A technical student has to learn integration. They can not avoid integration concepts whether it is definite or indefinite integrals

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