How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Platform for Cryptocurrency Exchange?

A cryptocurrency exchange platform allows customers to trade their cryptocurrencies for assets such as fiat currency or other digital currencies.

A cryptocurrency exchange can be highly lucrative, even if it takes time and effort to launch and establish one.

Like mobile app development companies, anyone can create cryptocurrency exchange applications at a higher cost than mobile app development. Numerous traders worldwide and new users who wish to invest in digital currencies are attracted to cryptocurrency exchange businesses.

In addition, the most successful cryptocurrency exchanges have a blockchain-powered system that is easy to use, has low trading fees, and has an interactive user interface. Numerous companies use coin promotions to attract customers like any other business selling a product or providing a service.

Traders today adore this innovative form of currency exchange for the following reasons:

Trading-wise, the cryptocurrency exchange business performs exceptionally well.
Traders are not limited to a single device. These devices can all be used for trading.
The cryptocurrency exchange is more secure and reliable than other asset or currency trading processes.
It includes multiple languages for the convenience of the users.
With a lightning-fast performance of up to 1,400,000 orders per second, cryptocurrency exchange businesses have a tremendous liquidity capacity.
The feature of multiple coin support has also increased their efficiency.

Here are some general statistics about the growth of cryptocurrency.

Thirty thousand social media posts about Bitcoin are made daily, equating to about 1500 posts per hour, or 30 per minute on average.
There is currently over $2.79 trillion in total cryptocurrency market capitalization, making it the 8th largest economy in the world.
Around the world, there are 730 exchanges where you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies on the spot.
Tether will have a $109 billion volume by February 2022, making it one of the most considerable Crypto assets.
That’s why the New York State Attorney General, who had previously been a vocal critic of cryptocurrencies, now believes they may not be as stable as they claim.
By 2025, Ethereum expects to see about 10 million bitcoin transactions daily on the platform.
During the third quarter of 2021, Ethereum, Bitcoin’s main rival, had the most daily crypto transactions.
With only 660K daily transaction volume, Bitcoin is still far behind Ethereum in market capitalization.
With 2.4 million bitcoin transactions in January 2022, ETH is still leading the pack, with Bitcoin doing at least 500K.
Approximately 14 million new crypto-malware programs will be released by March of 2030.
There was approximately $1000 million worth of digital currency in the world in 2020. A CAGR of 30 percent is forecast for this crypto market, which is expected to reach $5,190.62 million by 2026.
According to conservative estimates, the global cryptocurrency market was expected to be worth $1500 million by 2020. A CAGR of 11.2 percent indicates that it will reach $1,758 million by 2027.

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Cost of Developing a Cryptocurrency Exchange: Critical Determinants

A cryptocurrency exchange is, as is well-known, the most profitable online business one can launch. Now, you may be wondering how to launch a cryptocurrency exchange business. Building a Cryptocurrency exchange platform from scratch can be a risky and arduous task that must satisfy the audience to yield the best results. Additionally, it requires more time and will be more expensive.

In this case, you can acquire first-rate cryptocurrency exchange software from a reputable provider of crypto exchange solutions. After purchasing this script, you need to install it on your web server and run it to launch your cryptocurrency exchange platform. Now, you may wonder: how much it cost to create a cryptocurrency exchange? Several crucial factors determine the cost of developing a cryptocurrency exchange. So let us observe them.

Budgetary and Time Limitations

Knowing the exact timeframe for your cryptocurrency trading platform development is essential because fees are based on the time and features required for exchange integration. For instance, the cost will be high if you need an exchange platform within three to seven days.

Next, you must have a substantial budget and financial backing to launch a cryptocurrency exchange. In addition, your budget should include future business plans. For example, if your exchange encounters any bugs or errors. Then you should have sufficient funds to correct and manage them. In addition, you must allocate funds for general factors. the like

Compliance with the Law for Your Exchange Platform

Due Diligence
Providing compensation for employees
Ensure you have sufficient funds to launch and operate the cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Type of Cryptocurrency Exchange Selected

Choosing the cryptocurrency exchange type also affects the development cost of developing a cryptocurrency exchange. There are currently numerous types of cryptocurrency exchanges available on the market. the like

Centralized digital currency exchange
Distributed cryptocurrency exchange
Hybrid cryptocurrency trade
Order book cryptocurrency exchange
P2P cryptocurrency exchange
Ad-supported cryptocurrency exchange

As a result, you should choose the type of cryptocurrency exchange you want to operate before entering the industry.

Permission to Operate a Crypto Exchange

Currently, numerous global governments charge exorbitant fees for crypto exchange business licenses. There are exceptions, such as Kazakhstan, which provides licences for crypto exchange platforms for a nominal fee. Consult with your provider and their developers to determine where you can obtain crypto exchange licences quickly and at a reduced cost.

Transaction Processing

You must compete with other notable crypto currency exchanges for you to collaborate with an efficient payment processing service. The payment processing system must comply with PCI DSS to protect your exchange from cyber threats. Indeed, the instant processing time and compliance will affect the cost of developing a cryptocurrency exchange. But this feature will be crucial to the success of your cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Collaboration with Other Exchanges to Boost Liquidity

If your exchange lacks an order book and trading activity (i.e., liquidity), your users will be unable to transact. Then they will witness your interaction with atheism. To circumvent this, you must connect your exchange to a popular cryptocurrency exchange platform. Partnering with more extensive cryptocurrency exchanges will increase liquidity. However, increasing the exchange’s liquidity will boost the development work required and the exchange’s development costs.

Implementing a Mechanism with High Security

To reduce development costs, some startups and entrepreneurs make security mistakes. When constructing a platform for crypto exchange, you cannot ignore security mechanisms such as two-factor authentication and encrypted databases. Recent reports indicate that cryptocurrency exchanges have been the primary target of cyber attacks. Thus, enabling security features will also affect the cost of developing a cryptocurrency exchange. Here is a list of the robust security features that must be enabled on your cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Authentication using HTTPS
Biometric verification
Jail login
Data ciphering
Multiple factor Authentication
SQL injection security
Anti Service Denial (DoS)
Protection against Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
Protection against Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF)
Trust services
Distributed Denial of Service Protection

These are the required security features that you must implement in your cryptocurrency exchange. These features will safeguard your exchange against hacking and other fraudulent actions.

ROI Factors Influencing Crypto Exchange Development Expenses

The forthcoming modules do not require a substantial investment, but they can be used to increase your cryptocurrency exchange’s annual revenue.

Leverage Trading

Regarding cryptocurrency exchange, margin trading falls under borrowing and lending. By utilizing this outstanding feature, the user can borrow funds in exchange for their cryptocurrency.

IEO launchpad

Initial Exchange Offering is the simplest method for raising funds for cryptocurrency projects through crowdfunding. It entered the crypto market as an alternative to ICOs that are entirely managed by crypto exchanges.

Crypto Asset Derivatives

In the crypto space, derivatives trading is on the rise and widely anticipated by traders. This characteristic includes the futures contract and perpetual contract types. The Crypto derivatives feature is based solely on price calculations and graphical forecasts, which traders use to predict the cryptos market’s volatility.


Staking is the act of storing digital assets in a wallet. In exchange, the user will receive rewards and interest in a cryptocurrency of their choosing. The administrator of the exchange will use the cryptocurrency or token that was staked as liquidity.

These are the additional revenue-generating features that are widely adopted by crypto exchanges. By enabling these features on your platform, you can earn optional revenue in addition to receiving extraordinary benefits such as an expanded user base and high liquidity. The impact of the enabled features and add-ons will be reflected in the cost of developing your cryptocurrency exchange. As a cryptocurrency startup, opting for a clone script will allow you to deploy a stunning platform rapidly and cost-effectively.

Stack of Technologies for Building a Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

According to the features above, the technology stack for such components may include the following:


Tool – Xcode 9.3
Language – Rapid (4.2)
The Webservices AFNetworking, Swifty JSON, and Alamofire
Structure – JSON
DB – Mysql
Design – MVC, MVVM
General Capabilities – APNS notification, Firebase notification, Cloudinary, Payment gateways, etc.


Tool – Android Studio 3.1.3
Language – Kotlin
Rest APIs for Web Service
JSON Format for Web Service Format
The database comprises the backend database (MySql), SQLite local database, and Room local database.
Design – Material design

Web-based application

LAMP consists of Linux server, Apache, MySql database, and PHP.
For websites, PHP and Laravel/CodeIgniter are recommended.
The MEAN stack comprises Mongo DB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS.

Price of Building an Exchange Platform

Now that you know which features to include, the next crucial question is how much it will cost to develop a cryptocurrency exchange similar to Binance. The cost of different platforms varies based on several factors. To provide you with a clearer picture, we have broken down the entire process of developing a cryptocurrency exchange platform into more straightforward steps and outlined the costs associated with each step. So, let’s begin.

1. Front-End Development

This is the view that users have. If your platform’s interface is not appealing and easy to use, users may lose interest and choose not to use it further. Consequently, it is crucial to hire the best front-end developers so that they can preserve all visual elements and create a visually appealing platform for you.

Cost: about $5,000

2. Back-End Development

Backend-end development is for the servers, whereas front-end development is for the users and focuses on the visual aspects. It involves the entire operation of your exchange platforms, so special attention must be paid to this aspect. This is where most of the development time is spent, as determining the tools and technologies followed by working on the functionalities occurs here.

Cost: $40,000-$50,000

3. Integrating APIs

API integration is a crucial aspect of developing a Binance clone, and if anything goes wrong in this area, your work may be in vain. APIs are primarily responsible for the logic and internal operation of your application or cryptocurrency exchange website, such as Binance. You can develop your internal API or integrate one of the many available third-party APIs.

Cost: $40,000-$70,000 (depending on the auto tests)

4. Blockchain Implementation

Now, as we all know, cryptocurrencies are a part of blockchain development, and it is crucial to integrate this technology into a fully functional trading platform. The cost varies depending on the type of blockchain development company and cryptocurrency development services you select. Integration of blockchain technology is essential for efficient data processing and storage.

Cost: $5000-$10,000

5. Evaluation and Security

Now that everything has been developed, testing your platform’s functionality is crucial before launching it. And this is where a specialist in quality assurance comes in. The UI/UX and the most fundamental functionalities are tested for bugs and errors. The development firm employs manual and automated testing to ensure that the created platform is secure and bug-free.

In addition, a security check is a crucial step in the exchange platform. Architecture, user verification, etc., are tested and examined at this stage. When all conditions are met, your exchange platform is ready for deployment.

Cost: $20,000-$25,000

In terms of the total cost, a cryptocurrency exchange platform comparable to Binance may cost between $100,000 and $150,000. However, this price varies based on your needs and the type of platform you intend to use.

Final Remark

We have covered everything necessary to get you started in the world of cryptocurrency exchange domains and earn your share of value on the backs of devoted customers. What is the next step? Contact the cryptocurrency exchange development company‘s dedicated team of cryptocurrency exchange developers. Your decentralization journey can be expanded with the aid of reliable and trustworthy developers.

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