How Do Cryptocurrency Exchanges Work: A Beginner’s Guide?

If you want to get the cryptocurrency in the Cryptocurrency’s initial days, you must mine it or get it from the other person. Now, the system has changed; you can get Cryptocurrency from the Cryptocurrency exchange platforms. It is the reason why people are opting for safer and simpler options to get Cryptocurrencies.

The demand for a safer and simpler exchange medium is increasing globally for Cryptocurrency, so the Cryptocurrency exchanges came into existence. Hence, before going deep into the Cryptocurrency exchange working methodology concept, let’s first clarify some of the basic ideas.

What Is Cryptocurrency Exchange?

A Cryptocurrency exchange is a platform or a service platform that enables the clients to get the Cryptocurrency in exchange for fiat currencies or in cash. They allow one Cryptocurrency in exchange for the other fiat currency that you deposit in the exchange. You need to invest your fiat currencies in the Crypto exchanges to get the Cryptocurrency from your chosen exchange.

How Do Exchanges Set Their Prices?

There is a common misconception among many Crypto trader of the world that the Cryptocurrency exchanges set their prices. This concept is not genuine; there is no global price for the Cryptocurrency traders are trading in.

The Cryptocurrency’s exchange rate depends mainly on the buyers’ actions and the sellers, and other market factors. With the changes in the exchanges, prices of Cryptocurrency will vary from one another.

Depending on the trading volume, the Crypto exchanges set the prices of the Cryptocurrencies. The trading volume entirely depends on the supply and demand of the current market scenario. It means the higher the exchange, the more will be the prices of the Bitcoin.

Different Ways Crypto Exchanges Make Money?

There are multiple ways by which Crypto exchanges make money to keep the flow of trading smooth. If required, you can take the help of the to learn about it. Therefore, let’s explore some of the fundamental ways to get an idea about the multiple ways Crypto Exchanges makes money.

  1. Commission or Trading Fees
    One of the best ways to make money by the Crypto exchanges is to monetize the exchanges to charge the commissions in the market. Trade facilitation service is possible between the buyer and the seller.

If the trading cost is lower, then the exchanges may deliver interest rates lower than 0.1% per transaction.

  1. Listing Fees
    Due to high competition, exchanges may struggle due to the low volume during the early stages, and they may require another source of revenue.

Many organizations are preparing to offer Initial Exchange Offerings, Security Tokens Offering, and Initial Coin Offering to generate the funds from these offerings to drive a stable revenue.

They may collect the percentages of the funds raised or collected from these offerings.

  1. Market Making
    Another large revenue collection source is creating liquidity or creating the market for a given financial instrument.

The market creation here involves buying and selling digital assets on certain exchanges at a higher price than that of the stock exchanges.

Exchanges happen when they swap the trade with another exchange, and it nullifies the previous transaction. This technique works well on the long-distance market, where the system is fully automated in nature.

  1. Fund Collection
    In this method, the fund is collected using the IEO module. It allows the other companies to make the sale of the tokens. In this context, they serve as the storehouse for the tokens that they sell in the market.

Now the matter of fact is how swapping makes money. The answer to this question is simple as exchanges collect the funds in favor of the fundraising companies it charges, on total proceeds as a commission.


Hence, it has become clear how the exchanges work and how they make money from the above information. If you are a Crypto trader, you must be aware of these facts to get better returns from your Crypto trading investments.

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