How Bitcoin Impact Apple Stocks?

One of the most valuable companies globally, Apple has seen a significant increase in its stock prices since the beginning of 2019. This can be partially attributed to bitcoin’s bull run and the increased interest in cryptocurrencies as an investment asset class.

Bitcoin’s rally has led to a surge in altcoin prices, which has benefitted Apple in two ways. Firstly, the interest in cryptocurrencies has driven more people to invest in Apple stock. 

Secondly, the increased demand for cryptocurrencies has led to an increase in the price of Bitcoin and other digital assets, which in turn has increased the value of Apple’s cash reserves.

The company had $246 billion in cash and marketable securities in September 2018. This is likely to have increased significantly since then, as the price of bitcoin has more than doubled in that time. Furthermore, Apple’s substantial cash reserves provide them with a great deal of economic freedom.

The increased interest in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is likely to impact Apple’s stock prices in the long run positively. 

This is because it will lead to an increase in the company’s cash reserves, and it will also drive more people to invest in Apple stock. As a result, Apple is likely to see an increase in its revenue and profit in the coming years.

7 Negatives of bitcoin that affected Apple

  1. Negative publicity – Bitcoin’s volatility has caused it to be associated with criminal activities and scams, which has led to negative publicity for Apple.
  2. Increased competition – As Bitcoin becomes more popular, it is likely to be used by more people as a payment method, which will increase competition with Apple Pay.
  3. Regulatory uncertainty – The legal status of Bitcoin is still uncertain, which could lead to regulatory changes that would be unfavourable for Apple.
  4. High energy consumption – Bitcoin’s mining process consumes a lot of energy, leading to increased costs and environmental damage.
  5. High price volatility – The value of Bitcoin has been highly volatile, which could lead to significant losses for Apple if it holds bitcoins.
  6. Illicit use – Bitcoin is often used for illegal activities, such as drug trafficking and money laundering, leading to penalties or legal action against Apple.
  7. Security risks – Bitcoin is a digital currency, making it susceptible to hacking and theft. This could lead to financial losses for Apple.

However, recently, it came to light that Apple received notice of bitcoin being a potentially harmful technology. 

So now, although it seems like a real threat at the moment, it’s not necessarily so. In fact, in the history of Apple computers, there have been a few times when bitcoin became a threat to the Apple platform.

Bitcoin has been the centre of controversy throughout the past few months, with many people and businesses refusing to accept bitcoin. 

Unfortunately, this has many negative repercussions for Apple. One of the most prominent Bitcoin critics is Apple because of the company’s position following the infamous hack of the U.S. bank. As a result, the company stated that it would not work with any company that uses bitcoin as an actual currency.

Several reasons why Bitcoin could be beneficial for Apple. 

  1. Increased exposure – Bitcoin is a high-profile currency, leading to increased exposure for Apple.
  2. Increased demand – The popularity of Bitcoin could lead to increased demand for Apple products and services.
  3. Reduced transaction costs – Bitcoin transactions are often cheaper than traditional payment methods.
  4. Increased flexibility – Bitcoin allows users to send and receive payments in various currencies, beneficial for Apple.
  5. Increased global reach – Bitcoin is a worldwide currency, leading to increased sales for Apple in foreign markets.
  6. Increased innovation – Bitcoin has led to new technologies and businesses, benefiting Apple.

Bitcoin (BTC) has been hailed as a revolutionary tool that can change the world. Analysts predict that adoption figures will rise and that Bitcoin mining will be profitable and eco-friendly.

While Bitcoin has significant drawbacks, there are numerous arguments why it may be advantageous to Apple. As Bitcoin continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how it affects the technology giant.


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