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What Is Hexchange ?

Hexchange is a brand new cryptocurrency exchange that offers bitcoin, litecoin, vertcoin, dogecoin, dash, bitcoin cash, salt, eos, civic, omiseGO, ether and tron. They can be traded for bitcoin, dogecoin and bitcoin cash. The developers are also planning to add bitconnect, iota and monero as well, as basically everything with a “standard issue bitcoin-like rpc interface”.

Hexchange describes itself as a “universal” exchange set up by “cryptocurrency enthusiasts” and was set up as a “spiritual successor to the now closing novaexchange”.

According to founder Phillip Petitjean and his post in Bitcointalk, the main goals of the exchange is to give every cryptocurrency a home (especially the ones in need of a marketplace), to offer affordable service to its clients and save them money and to have as few restrictions as possible. The exchange does not even require an e-mail, or so it says.

Hexchange is so new, that it still does not have an office, liquidity or important information on the site.

Hexchange Advantages

– Coins. Hexchange offers trading in some relatively rare altcoins, who, however have a decent market capitalization, according to Coinmarketcap.

– Fees. Hexchange offers relatively low trading fees of 0.2%, with a bonus until May 1, 2018, of no fees. On the other hand, the deposit is free, while the withdrawal fee can be set by the clients themselves, even though Hexchange offers a “reasonable fee”.

– Speed. Hexchange claims it offers speedy service and withdrawal requests are processed and sent out immediately.

– Coin listing. Hexchange accepts listings of new cryptocurrencies and coins that need a marketplace.

– Platform. Hexchange’s platform appears easy and intuitive to use. There are some TradingView charts showing data from Bittrex, Poloniex or another larger exchange that provides a data feed and offering some analysis tools and indicators.

Hexchange Disadvantages

– Registration. At the time of writing this review, the registration for Hexchange does not work at all. We neither got a confirmation e-mail, nor did we manage to log in. We kept on getting error messages or the login page did not load at all.

– Location. It is not clear where Hexchange is based or what countries it serves.

– Leverage. Obviously Hexchange does not offer leveraged trading, similarly to most cryptocurrency exchanges, with very few exceptions. Generally, we advise our readers to trade with a regulated forex broker that offers cryptocurrency CFDs, instead. There are quite a few of those and dealing with them has quite a few benefits, such as regulation and better trading platforms with a lot of features.

– Security. Hexchange does not provide information about the security measures and how it stores client funds, if at all.

– Payments. We could not find information about the payment options, but considering that Hexchange does not offer trading in fiat currencies, obviously the only payments it accepts, are in cryptocurrencies.

Hexchange Review Conclusion

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