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Grand Capital

Grand Capital ( is an award-winning binary options broker, offering trading in most popular assets on the widely used MetaTrader 4 platform under pretty good trading conditions.

It also offers trading in forex and various CFDs and provides a few different programs for affiliate partners. In fact, Grand Capital was recently included in the rating of the best affiliate program provider in Russia, published by International Trading Academy MasterForex-V.

Unlike most binaries broker, this one does not provide a rich educational package, however it offers a LAMM service, that allows novice traders to connect their account to an experienced trader’s account and learn how to trade Binary Options successfully.

What is more, LAMM clients are able to control over every deal the manager makes, so they can disconnect or cancel the trade at any time.

Trading Accounts

Grand Capital offers its clients a single account to trade in two types of binary options: American and European.

The American options allow early closure with % commission. European Options do not support Early Closure feature, but offer higher return rates.

The Company. Security of Funds

A professional brokerage firm that is originally from Russia, Grand Capital is in trading business since 2006. It is owned by Grand Capital ltd, a company registered in the Seychelles and regulated by the Financial Commission (FinaCom), a Hong Kong-based external dispute resolution (EDR) organization.

The FinaCom is an EDR organization which acts as a neutral third party in disputes in the forex and binary options markets between its members and their clients. Its compensation fund covers judgments up to $5,000 or $10,000 per client, depending on the regulated company’s type of license.

Grand Capital holds a B-Category license and any client of such company can be eligible for a compensation of up to $5000.

Trading Conditions

Grand Capital offers two specific binary options: Double Touch and Breakout Options. Bear in mind that these are only available for European Options.

When trading Double Touch options, you need to set two levels the asset’s price will reach. In other words, you set the channel where the price will fluctuate.

Breakout Options give you an opportunity to get increased payout for trading the same assets. Set the price you think the asset will reach in the future and the timeframe for its fall/increase and get increased payout if your prediction is correct.

Unlike many other binary brokers, Grand Capital does not offer 30 sec options, nor pair or ladder options.

Minimum Initial Deposit
In order to open a binary account with Grand Capital, one has to pay just $10. In comparison, SVG-registered BinaryBook requires $250 from traders to sign up.

Min/Max bet size
The minimum bet size with this broker is symbolically low, amounting to $1. Such low minimum bet sizes allow for better risk management. Most brokers require more, for instance, with BinaryBook one can place a trade with no less than $25.

Payout amount
Depending on the Trading Options and expiry times, payout percentage offered by Grand Capital ranges from 40% to 86%, which is a good offer for the binary options market. For instance, a winning European Put/Call option for EUR/USD with expiry from 15 to 30 min will get you a payout of 71% (+2% bonus). Of course, the greater the percentage payout offered by the broker, the larger the return of traders.

In comparison, BinaryBook`s Return percentage varies from 71% to 81%.

Trading Platform

Grand Capital uses MetaTrader 4 platform, the most popular software for professional trading that is used by traders worldwide. There are also iPhone and Android apps available, as well as a web-version. The platform is highly reliable and easy to use and that’s why it is supported by so many brokers.

Instead of attracting new clients with attractive On-Deposit Bonus, Grand Capital offers risk-free trading.

If you had an unlucky trading day, you may claim full compensation of the loss up to $10 000. To receive

Grand Capital Conclusion


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