GoBites Capitalizes on Growing Snack Trends

GoBites Capitalizes on Growing Snack Trends explained by professional Forex trading experts the “ForexSQ” FX trading team. 

GoBites Capitalizes on Growing Snack Trends

Brinner (breakfast for dinner), Dinner, lunch merging with dinner. Perpetual Snacking (and small bites) , we are fast becoming a nation of perpetual snackers… only 5 percent of consumers eat three square meals a day. As a matter of fact, the idea of a normal day being breakfast, lunch, and dinner is a myth according to Technomic.

Personalization Trends in Food

Americans have a strong desire to customize everything in their daily lives.

Many of us rarely watch TV as scheduled. Instead, we take a show from the DVR here, one from Netflix there and create our own TV network. We also do this with social media, shopping, and travel. One of the newest horizons for personalization is food. Perpetual Snacking (and small bites) , we are fast becoming a nation of perpetual snackers… only 5 percent of consumers eat three square meals a day. As a matter of fact, “The idea of a normal day being breakfast, lunch, and dinner is a myth,” according to Ron Paul, president of Technomic, a consumer research firm.

Some new buzzwords have been coined to capture this “customize it for me” eating culture – lunch and dinner are increasingly combined into “dinner” and breakfast for dinner is so popular, we now have “brinner” – well why not, we have always had brunch!

What does this mean in real world terms? Many consumers are not eating the traditional plated combinations your mom served – a protein, a vegetable, and a starch.

More like a lot of sugar and fat!

To the rescue — GoBites. According to founder Jim Gutt, who traveled the world looking for healthy exotic alternatives to chips and cookies – GoBites offers interesting ingredients that most people have never had before which totally satisfy your “snacking jones” with really unique flavors.

These include dried fruits like rambutan, jackfruit, pomegranates, manuka raisins (very big raisins with a couple of seeds in them so you get a little crunch when you bite into them), mulberries and goji berries. These are sourced from all over the world: Cacao nibs from Bali, Goji berries, and pomegranates from Uzbekistan, Jackfruit from Sri Lanka and apples and almonds from the best organic producers in the U.S.

GoBites – The “Match.com of Snacks”

Our online, by subscription format offers total personalization of your snack preferences.

“You always have the ability to select the products you want to receive,” continues Gutt.” What we do, is provide some recommendations based on the answers you provide to our questionnaire.” This online questionnaire takes into account people’s preferences such as whether or not someone likes chocolate or spicy foods. The company also tailors suggested selections based on age, sex, and lifestyle.

“Generally, this involves excluding our most highly caloric items from the suggested GoBites for women, older people, and workaholics, Gutt adds. ” If you tell us you lead a very active lifestyle, we make sure we suggest our products with protein in them, which helps your body recover after strenuous exercise.”

Healthy Trends in Snack Foods

The company also takes into account a variety of dietary preferences, offering a high fiber plan, and a plan with only naturally gluten free ingredients. GoBites even has trendy diets on its radar – offering a wide variety of products that are Mediterranean Diet friendly. These products will all contain “good fats” (monounsaturated fatty acids) found in nuts and seeds. Your personalized snack profile can also adhere to the principles of a glycemic index based diet, suggesting snacks lower in carbs and snacks that have a good balance between nuts and fruits to balance the effect on blood sugar.

Here’s how it works: When a consumer signs up for a sample box, (which is available FREE for a limited time) the GoBites nutrition team will pick a selection that fit in with their stated tastes, lifestyle and nutrition goals.

When the member is ready for more, the individual can simply activate his/her account to begin receiving a regular delivery of a personalized box of 14 GoBites – – as often the subscriber likes. A shipment of snacks is designed to provide one or two nutritious mini-meals a day. Deliveries can be put on hold during vacation/travel, for instance. And, subscriptions can be canceled at any time.

Your first box is free. All one pays is $4 for shipping. Once an account is activated, each GoBite is $1.99 and shipping is always free. A delivery of 14 customized GoBites is available for a subscription cost of $27.86.

Finally, the GoBites team feels a responsibility to help people snack as smartly as they can. Founder Jim Gutt has consulted with several nutritionists and they all recommend snacking as part of a healthy diet. Robin Barrie Kaiden, MS, RD, CDN, CSSD, and the head consulting nutritionist says, “In general, our bodies take 3-4 hours to digest food, which means they need food every 3 to 4 hours. That’s where snacks come in. Snacking is important to ‘spoil’ your appetite to prevent overeating and it helps diminish cravings.”

The GoBites team believes that whatever snacks you eat, they should be filled with natural, nutrient-rich ingredients.

Read an interview with Jim Gutt to see more details of The GoBites new product launch that capitalized on the food trends of Perpetual Snacking .

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GoBites Capitalizes on Growing Snack Trends Conclusion

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