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GNTFX Review

GNTFX is forex broker, which offers three account types to its clients. As is often the case, a client must deposit more funds in order to qualify for a better account type.

The Company. Security of Funds

GNTFX is registered in Belize, but does not claim affiliation with the local, or any regulator. This is highly troubling for traders. As we have mentioned in all of our reviews we recommend trading only with licensed companies.

Financial regulators are government agencies which monitor and set rules upon the financial services sector. Their strictness varies drastically between different jurisdictions, with off-shore zones, such as Belize being one of the least trustworthy destinations. That being said GNTFX is not even registered as a financial services provider in Belize. As such, they do not even fall under the loose local supervision.

Regulators such as Cyprus’ SySEC offer some form of protection. For instance, there is a compensation scheme in place. This is a procedure, which forces brokers to transfer part of their profits to a collective pool, which then serves as insurance against a broker going bankrupt. In the case of CySEC, accounts are guaranteed up to EUR 20,000.

Trading Conditions

Minimum Initial Deposit

The minimum initial deposit levels at GNTFX vary for the different account type, with the absolute minimum being $50. This is suitable for experimentation with the broker, but in order to succeed in the global financial markets one must have more adequate capital.

Average spreads & Commissions

GNTFX claims it offers variable spreads, going as low as 1 pip for EUR/USD, for the micro account. Our test showed a vastly different situation. The spread on EUR/USD was fixed at 3 pips, and even more disturbingly was 60 pips off the current market rates at other brokers. This is obviously a technical issue, with the platform/servers/liquidity providers. That being said, there were even more problems, with this being the most shocking one:

Off-market prices in GBP/USD. Demo account.

We have seen this type of issue before and it is indicative of a technical problem in regards to the liquidity providers. The spikes may be fixed in the futures, but at the moment, the platform is unusable.


GNTFX offers a maximum leverage of 1:200. This is relevant to the current offers by other brokers, with some offering 1:500 or even higher levels.

We must reiterate, trading with higher leverage does not guarantee better results. In fact, most of the time, misusing it can be a major error. Higher leverage is equivalent to higher risk. Be sure to understand exactly how it works, before putting your capital at risk.

Trading Platforms

GNTFX offers forex trading through MetaTrader 4 (MT4). The platform is popular with many brokers and it’s not hard to see why. Other than the fact, that using it bypasses the need to develop one in-house, it is also pretty good. One of its key advantages is the thriving automated system environment – lots of developers create the so called Expert Advisors (or EAs), which allow retail clients to use algoritmic systems.

That is all well and good, bit at the time of writing GNTFX’s MT4 platform is not operating normally, as we mentioned above.

Another platform the broker offers is PowerTrader which is supposed to be a social trading service, but as you may have already guessed it is not functional (at least for now).

Methods of Payment

We couldn’t find any information regarding the deposit and withdrawal methods at GNTFX. This is highly unusual, as brokers usually place a lot of information on their websites.

GNTFX is a company registered in Belize. That being said it is not registered with any financial regulatory agency. Furthermore there are way too many technical issues with the platform. The company may be in a transitional period (changing owners), as it just feels neglected. We can’t recommend dealing with them at this point in time.

The Broker is not a safe forex broker, Instead you can use Plus500, XM, eToro, Fxpro or AvaTrade forex brokers.

GNTFX Review Conclusion

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