This GCI Trading review conducted by ForexSQ experts for those investors want to open account with forex broker. In this GCITrading review you will know about the broker trading platforms, Spreads, Minimum deposit, Different account types, Bonus and how to open GCI Trading demo account.

GCI Trading Review By ForexSQ

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GCI Financial LLC was created in 2002 and is headquartered in Anguilla where it operates as a foreign currency exchange (forex) and CFD broker and is overseen by the Anguilla Financial Services Commission and other regulatory agencies in countries around the world in which it conducts financial services, including the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) of Belize and others.  GCI Trading India is overseen by numerous regulatory agencies, including the Ministry of Finance, Insurance Regulatory Authority of India and more. 

GCI trading brokerage is not available for use by clients based in the United States and other countries in which its distribution and use would violate laws, rules or regulations.  

GCI has become one of the most recognized and leading online forex brokers with a global client base of over 10,000 that includes professional money managers, financial institutions and individual traders.  GCI account holders are offered superior trading conditions on a variety of forex options as well as Contracts for Difference (CFDs) and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and binary options on a variety of assets that include stock shares, commodities, futures, indices, precious metals like gold and energy assets that include crude oil. 

GCI offers low spreads and margins and variable leverage on a variety of assets, as well as access to trading via direct interbank electronic communication networks (ECNs) and several platforms that include convenient mobile applications.


GCI trading software is compatible with all personal computers with Internet access, including those running Windows, as well as Macs, OS, iOS and Android mobile devices.  Traders can choose between Java-based and Windows-based software versions.  


The GCI trading forex broker offers both novice and experienced forex traders a variety of helpful tools to enhance trading activities, including the following: 

  • Market Maker Broker 

  • No Dealing Desk 

  • One click instant fills 

  • Real time prices in markets indices, shares and commodities 

  • AFX news feed 

  • Several trading platforms 

  • Trade from Dealing Rates Table or from real time charts 

  • Ability to set alerts and place conditional orders 

  • Partnership programs 

  • Automated trading 

  • Daily market analysis 

  • SWAP accounts 

  • Scalping and Hedging permitted 

  • Real time position and account tracking 

  • Educational materials 

  • Expert Advisors 

  • 24/7 trading 

  • 24/5 customer support services 

  • Promotional and bonus opportunities 

  • Free Demo Account

Trading Platforms 

Investors who open GCI Trading accounts will enjoy the choice of three different platforms which are ActTrader, MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and its mobile application. 


GCI Trading forex broker is the first in the industry to offer trading through a dedicated version of ActTrader that allows investors to trade directly from the Dealing Rates Table or from integrated real time charts.  The software allows for managing multiple trading accounts and clients can place conditional orders, set alerts and take full advantage of ongoing live quotes and market news while enjoying no commissions and leverage up to 400:1. 

GCI MT4 Download 

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The popular GCI forex broker allows the use of the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) in conjunction with ActTrader.  The MT4 platform has become the most popularly used forex broker in the world because of its user friendly interface,  multiple tools for trading a variety of assets and stellar customer support services. You can make a free GCI MT4 download just by signing up with the broker.   

GCI Mobile App 

A mobile app is available to allow GCI traders access to trading accounts and financial markets using a variety of handheld mobile devices for Android electronics, including iPhones and iPads.  


The GCI forex broker’s trading platform is available in a variety of languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic.

Account Types 

GCI Trading forex broker offers several different types of trading accounts which are Mini, Standard, SWAP and Demo Accounts. 

Mini Account 

The GCI Mini account requires a minimum account deposit of only $50 and offers the full range of assets and services to traders who are not professional investors.  

Standard Account 

The GCI Trading Standard Account is designed for more experienced traders and money account managers and requires a minimum deposit of $2,000 which allows access to the full range of assets offered for trading and use of all features and trading tools included in the software. 


For its Muslim clients, GCI trading offers SWAP trading accounts for use in trading according to Sharia law. 

GCITrading Demo Account 

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GCI offers clients the use of a Demo Account for a thirty day period, after which all account information will be deleted.  GCI Demo Accounts provide access to all features of the platforms and include $50,000 of virtual funds with which to practice trading.

Commissions, Spreads and Leverage 

In keeping with the forex industry standard, the GCI forex broker does not charge commissions on trades and there are no hidden fees.     

Pip spreads on major currency pairs are variable between 1 and 3 pips.

Margin requirements are reasonable and maximum variable leverage of 400:1 is offered. 

Promotions and Bonuses

GCI Trading forex broker offers account holders the opportunity to participate in several promotions and bonuses.  Its Refer-A-Friend promotion allows account holders to refer traders to open new accounts and real cash deposits are made into the trading accounts of both the referred trader and the trader who referred them to GCI.  Referred traders are eligible for bonuses up to $500 and referring traders are eligible for up to $1000 for referring new traders to the GCI Trading forex broker.  These bonuses are paid as soon as both trading accounts are funded.  

GCI also offers occasional bonus margin and other promotions that have in the past included welcome bonuses of 30% on ECN accounts and Facebook contests that award the most accurate forecaster with bonus margins up to $800.

Interest on Account Balance 

The GCI forex broker is the only one in the industry to offer its account holders 4% interest on the balance of trading funds that are credited monthly to trading accounts.

Deposits and Withdrawals 


GCI allows deposits into trading accounts using a variety of methods including major credit cards, bank wire transfers and major online e-payment merchants like Skrill, Cash-U, Moneybookers and PerfectMoney.  GCI doesn’t charge fees for sending wire deposits but fees may be charged by the remitting bank or fund provider.   


Withdrawal of funds from GCI trading accounts can be accomplished using the same methods as deposits and in accordance with strict international financial regulations designed to prevent money laundering and identity theft.  Those guidelines require proper current identification to be on file with GCI and that all account names match. Withdrawal requests are processed within three business days after request and receipt of required identification documentation.

Educational Center 

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The GCI Trading forex broker offers a variety of valuable educational materials to its clients that include free trading demonstrations, video tutorials and trading courses on a variety of topics like forex markets, managing risk and more.  The GCI Trading software also allows investors to stay informed about various trading assets and market conditions and provides an economic calendar that includes global events that are supposed to occur, along with FAQs and a financial glossary and ebook about how to get the most out of the two trading platforms offered by CGI.

Safety and Risk Management 

One of the most important things to consider when evaluating broker trading platforms is the safety of trading funds.  Traders who open GCI Trading accounts can rest assured their funds are safe and securely segregated from CGI’s funds in tier one financial institutions and that their trading activities are overseen and strictly regulated by a number of global regulatory authorities.  

In addition, GCI Trading has a strong balance sheet with capital in excess of minimum regulatory required amounts and maintains an insurance policy on all customer funds to further protect its traders.  GCI Trading also guarantees that trading account balances will never run in negative numbers and that traders will never lose more than is in their trading accounts. 

Furthermore, CGI Trading forex broker does not share, sell or otherwise disclose any personal information to third parties.

Customer Service 

GCI Trading forex broker offers excellent customer support services 24/5 in a variety of languages, including English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic.   

GCI customer support services are accessible via email, telephone or requesting assistance by filling out and submitting and online form.  Internet chat is available from Sunday at 5:00 PM (EST) through Friday at 4:00 PM (EST).  

GCI Trading Login

For login to GCITrading broker you can visit the broker website, After sign up you can check your email and do GCI Trading login.


This GCI Financial Review concludes that the GCI Trading forex broker is highly respected in the industry and offers a wide range of financial assets for trading in international marketplaces. Although the CGI Trading broker does not accept clients in the United States, it serves a broad global client base and has received numerous industry awards and recognition. 

GCI Trading provides trading and educational materials to help both novice and seasoned traders research, formulate, place and track trades in a variety of marketplaces, including a free Demo Account for use in practicing trades. 

GCITrading broker offers clients the use of several trading platforms, including the MT4 platform that is the most popular forex broker in the world, as well as mobile apps for remote access of trading accounts and financial marketplaces.   

All things considered, the GCI Trading forex broker is a reputable broker with a proven successful track record and is an ideal broker for newbies and experienced traders. 

Becoming a GCITrading client assures traders they are dealing with one of the most respected forex brokers in the industry and that their trading funds are safe and personal information is kept secure.  The GCI Trading forex broker provides everything traders need to get started trading forex and other assets in international marketplaces.

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