Gain Capital CFO Henry Lyons resigns to join

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Gain Capital CFO Henry Lyons

Gain Capital ( announced the resignation of CFO Henry Lyons. Lyons resigned to join American Precious Metals Exchange (APMEX), an Internet-based precious metals retailer.

Daryl Carlough, Gain’s Chief Accounting Officer and Controller, was named interim CFO until a replacement is found for Lyons.

Our read on the situation is fairly simple – he just found an opportunity with more potential upside, given Wall Street’s less-than-warm reception it has given to Gain (as well as to its rival FXCM).

Henry Lyons was hired by Gain Capital (in 2008) as part of the company’s preparations to go public – which Gain first attempted (unsuccessfully) to do in late 2009, before succeeding in late 2010. Lyons had previosuly worked as CFO of ACI Worldwide (Nasdaq ACIW), as well as in senior finance positions at GE Healthcare and WR Grace. When a company is planning an IPO, one of the typical things it does is hire a CFO with public company experience – both to bring necessary skills and experience in a public company environment, as well as to increase credibility for the trying-to-become-public company with the investing public and with Wall Street.

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