FxPro adds former Saxo Bank UK Chairman Nick Beecroft to its UK BoD

Yesterday London based brokerage FxPro UK has on stayed a new senior figure from the foreign exchange trade by joining Fxpro new chairman. A shred with the UK Companies House positions that Nick Beecroft, Fxpro saxo bank chairman has joined the firm as a Director.

Fxpro chairman

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Fxpro new chairman senior executive appoint underscores the serious promise of FxPro UK to continue increasing its group in London.

Whereas some concerns in the result of Brexit have been circulating around, the usual feeling of “business as usual” in the industry of foreign exchange trading has established in.

Nick Beecroft has been intensely convoluted in the foreign exchange industry as 1981 when he started his career at Citi. Afterward holding numerous of senior positions at Deutsche Bank, Normal Chartered, and holding a non-executive director place at Fxpro Saxo Bank, he has founded his individual consultancy HP Economics previous year.

Fxpro Saxo bank chairman

Now, Nick Beecroft is also holding 2 other presidency places – he’s a non-executive director at National Bank of Egypt and the Crown Agents Bank.

Getting in a long step of knowledge from the industry, Nick Beecroft is a solid addition to FxPro UK’s team of senior executive.

ForexSQ has learned through regulatory filings through UK authorities that last UK fxpro saxo bank chairman Nick Beecroft has joined the board of directors of FxPro UK, the FCA-regulated member of worldwide retail forex broker FxPro.

Fxpro Saxo Bank

Beecroft was Non-Executive fxpro saxo bank chairman UK for around 6 years, till last July, while we reported that he was replaced by Anthony Belchambers and he resigned his position. Beecroft also performed as a Senior Markets Advisor for Fxpro Saxo Bank.

Fxpro new Chairman

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As exit his position at Saxo, Beecroft has been running his individual shop called HP Economics. HP Beecroft provides advice on supervision of foreign exchange and rates for businesses, whereas continuing in the public eye providing market comment for press and media, and being active in meeting performances and panel associations and moderation.

To create room for Bannister on the FxPro UK BoD, James Banister paced down from the board. Banister is Director, Customer Marketing at Thomson Reuter’s institutional FX unit FXall.

FxPro is in the procedure of rebranding from FX-only to a considerably more multi-asset trader. We had completely reported on the new logo change at FxPro, comprising the term ‘Forex’ from the company’s tagline to read just ‘Trade like a Pro’. Beecroft’s skill at multi-asset broker Fxpro saxobank creates numerous sense here.

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