FXCM January volumes remain steady

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FXCM January volumes remain steady?

FXCM has reported January 2012 volumes of $392 billion – $288B retail and $104B institutional. Both the retail and institutional figures were above December 2011 and last-year-January figures, although some of the growth (from last year) can be attributed to acquisitions FXCM closed during 2011, notably its purchases of two Japan-based Forex companies, CGI Capital and Foreland Forex.

It seems as though Forex industry volumes are beginning to pick up again globally, following a noted slowdown at the end of 2011. FXCM is a very good proxy for global Forex volumes, as by our estimation it has the widest geographic distribution of volumes of any Forex firm worldwide.

We’ve also taken note of FXCM’s institutional volumes, which have been above $100 billion every month since last August. Since going public more than a year ago FXCM has made a concerted effort in expanding its institutional presence and branding, such as its sponsorship of CNBC’s new TV show on currencies, Money in Motion.

FXCM January volumes remain steady Conclusion

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