FXCM and Gain Capital (Forex.com) Q4 results: What lessons have we learned?

FXCM and Gain Capital explained by professional Forex trading experts the “FXCM and Gain Capital” FX trading team.

FXCM and Gain Capital

Now that both Gain Capital and FXCM have announced their final results for 2010 (as well as recent results releases and announcements by others such as IG Group, London Capital Group, and FxPro), what exactly have we learned about these firms, and the overall state of the global Forex market?

A few observations:

It is possible for a retail Forex broker to build up a significant institutional business.
The “Wall Street” types really do not (yet) understand this industry.
Growth has slowed, but is still there.

FXCM and Gain Capital Conclusion

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