FX Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) product introduced by FXCSI

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FX Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA)

Technology and Financial advisory firm FXCSI, has released a free post-trade FX Transition Cost Analysis (“TCA”) tool, allowing users to quickly and easily generate their own FX TCA reporting. The tool is currently in alpha testing, heading to beta in December.

According to Mark VanRoon, VP Product Development of FXCSI, “The goal of our product is to provide an easy-to-use service to support both the Buy-Side and Sell-Side of the FX market. We have created a tool that can be used for sales, marketing, client segmentation, supplier selection, performance measurement and compliance. We, at FXCSI, do not consult on the quality of the FX pricing, as we are, in no way, exposed to the supplier-client relationship; rather the role of FXCSI is to report independently on the FX cost to benchmark, irrespective of our user’s role in the FX market”.

FX Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) Conclusion

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